New Build Concern???

Just built this earlier. Running a XM-L with a NANJG 105c, 2100ma. I know I’m driving it pretty hard, but it gets awfully warm. It doesn’t get to hot to hold it or anything like that, but don’t want to blow it up or anything. Is this ok? Should I maybe remove a chip?

An XM-L at 2.1A? I wouldn't sweat it. Even with a hollow pill they are usually fine at that level. I've had a few zoomies with XM-Ls, aluminum stars, and hollow pills and they all survived sustained full throttle runs without any issues. I know that it's not very efficient to have them running that hot, but it works.

2.1A is not driven hard at all. At least for the emitter, but for the host it is, if you are using it for extended periods.These drivers are very reliable and they can handle heat just fine. Instead of removing the chip I would add more chips for more power. If it gets too hot to hold lower the power a notch. Got mods - use mods :wink: .

I guess I meant 2.1A hard for a small, thin aluminum host. If you guys say it will be ok, i’ll trust ya :slight_smile:

if its too hot to hold then your less then halfway to a problem, so lots of leeway there, besides its not an expensive light so if you could wreck it your not going to lose a lot of money.

The LED can take 150ºC before there is a problem, and lets just say that will leave a few scars, so as long as you can hold the light its fine. If it can boil water then i would be a bit concerned.

General rule I use for single-cell lights is if it gets too hot to comfortably touch then turn it down or turn it off.

If it’s just getting warm, or even hot… but you can comfortably touch it, then it should be fine.

Of course, this assumes the light is properly assembled with appropriate heatsinking from the LED to the body. For instance, if the star becomes separated from the head, then the star can get very hot and it can desolder itself.

2.1 amps is not that high for an XML2, even in a small host like this. Many of us have made lights of similar size that also run on one 18650 that run at 6 amps or more. They can’t be run at that power for long or they’ll get burning hot… but they still work.

If you want to make this a nice pocket rocket, you might want to add more chips. And if you’re concerned with heat maybe buy a QLITE driver from RMM with turbo timer. So the light could run at 3.04 amps, but then automatically ramp down to an intermediate setting after 2 minutes.