New build inspired by the most inspirational member here. OL. Updated 26.3.17 post 235. One light has been completed.

Wow, this is an amazing build :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I’m making the light using my interpretation of how Justin built lights as much as possible hence the parts where possible are bolted together.

great build indeed!

What a joy to follow!

Just down right STUNNING!!!
Super nice sir and yep…. thats how I think our friend would have done it.

Just nice! Thanks for sharing Steve!! TL

Its been a busy weekend here with a very belated Xmas party with a bunch of old friends.
There was just enough time left in the weekend to machine out the head of one light.
We started of by machine a hole 32mm in diameter to the final depth that the led will sit on. Its important here to get a good finish on the face for good heat transfer to the head.

Next we bored a hole to the depth and diameter that the two tapers will meet which are the close outline of the reflector. This will become clearer in the next couple of pictures.

The outer taper which was 18 degrees was then machined to where the second hole was bored to.

The inner taper was then machined. This was 30 degrees. The ends of the taper started at the end of the 18 degree taper and ended at the very inside coinciding with the 32mm diameter. Sometimes a plan actually works as designed. :slight_smile:

The steps were then machined in for the reflector flange and lens.

The inside shape for the reflector closely follows the depth of the fins. You can also see the split bush in the chuck here holding the head so the head itself does not get damaged from the chuck jaws when tightened up.

This just gets better every time i look.

Just beautiful!

what the 2 guys above said...

i can´t wait to see it finished - but i like to see it be made also a lot!

I could do that. :wink: Yeah right :person_facepalming: so very not gonna happen, it’s a treat to see such amazing work.

just friggin AWESOME!

Thanks guys. If anyone in Melbourne would like to donate a ring of brass about 100mm OD and 80mm ID around 30mm long would be greatly appreciated. This is for the bezel.

This is an epic build in every way. Amazing.

Shucks! I have 2”, 3” and 3.250” but not a stitch of 4”. If I had a chunk of Texas Brass… I’d happily send it over… Texas Brass is better than Melbourne Brass anyway! :stuck_out_tongue: A Texas Brass bezel would up those lumens!!!


Thanks TL. That’s just what this light is missing, a little bit of Texas. There is a fire station across the road from work, I wonder if they will miss a shiny brass fitting? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just went to look for sure…. :frowning: no 4”. Thats a whoppin size bezel. I can’t wait to see this finished. Really nice work!! TL

Thanks again TL. I can get the brass here but dread what it would cost. I could use aluminium which I do have but the brass would add a different look to the light. Sticking with the OL way of doing things the bezel will be bolted in if there’s enough width to get screws etc in and clearance on o’rings.

I have a feeling OL is very proud of what you are doing.

If I get a solid 4” piece, can you hold it to do the turning work? Say 4” X 1.75” :wink: TL

Jerommel jealous of MRsDNF workshop…