New build inspired by the most inspirational member here. OL. Updated 26.3.17 post 235. One light has been completed.

Updated 27.6.16 in the OP.

It already looks great. Skills!

I’m so happy to see that lathe cranked up again. :slight_smile:

Cranked up again by a cranky old fool. :wink:
Its cranked up quite often. I like making scrap metal. :slight_smile:

I would hardly call this light a bit of scrap metal :laughing:

But I guess you haven’t actually used any of the parts yet :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:

AWESOMENESS in the making!! MRsDNF, are the cells going to be permanently connected together, are they going to be 9 separate cells being dropped into the battery tube, or are you making a battery holder thingy?


:+1: I have no idea what this means but yep, I agree.

Working on 9 single cells. 3S 3P. In my mind the battery tube will be semi permanently attached to the head with a removable tailcap.

See post #2 plus your build direction.

It hit me an hour after I posted. Please be gentle with me. :blush:

That’s about how long it took me to think of it too.

Super good looking work sir! :wink: If that hack saw is looking for a new home, I’ll send you my address!!! Every time I see that thing, I like it better. I’ll send you TWO horizontal bandsaws for it!! Ok 3. Well… OK… FOUR! :innocent: I would like to put that right in the middle of our shop as a showpiece.

Looking forward to seeing the finished lights. I found it interesting the order you build the parts in. Keep posting!!


Wauw just wauw
Sometimes I watch YouTube and see people work machines like this…dang it’s like magic.

The hacksaws yours TL if you pay the postage. Its all cast iron of the very heavy variety. It probably should be in a museum. :slight_smile:
Thanks Miller. Keep this quiet but scrap metal was achieved in earnest last night. Plan B is being called upon to try and eliminate my bin getting any fuller. :person_facepalming:

Aluminum beer mug with holes in the bottom?

Really like what you’re intent on building. The smaller 3x 18650 seems like it would be more ‘hand-friendly’ than the srk 4x. Due to this thread plus the flash sale I ordered a Courui D01. Kind of wish I could afford 3 to make a 3s tube. I don’t have access to a metal lathe so I can’t do a from scratch build but my next project might be a 3s3p 3x xhp70. Not so long ago there was a thread about wood battery tubes. The grey D01 might look pretty nice with a nice od green tinted argentine lignum vitae battery tube… It would give me a reason to work with it again. It’s hard and works like a moderately soft stone and the aroma is very pleasant.

Theres been a few members here build wooden lights, one notable light was in the BLF annual light building comp. RBD is also another gun woodworker and OL himself was adept at the material as well.
OL has also joined battery tubes together in one of his mad light builds. He also made his own multi battery tube up for one of his lights.
If you need a hand searching for any post back here and we’ll go looking for them.

Don’t need a lathe to do a wood battery tube either shorter or longer, just the threaded ends of the tube. The rest is a thin brass sleeve with wood around it that uses the threaded ends to reconnect. Like most of my ideas, tedious but otherwise achievable.

I don’t have a metal lathe but I do have a wood lathe - or will when my friend across the street gets a break from her daily visits to cleveland clinic.

Oh…. you just had to didn’t ya! Just had to bring up those wooden tubes that I, just a few days ago got to where I could sleep without dreaming about. Rufus, your wooden tubes were outstanding!! I still visit that post now & again just to gaze at them. I think I am going to steal one of those images for a desktop background. Sorry… didn’t mean to get off topic… but BEAUTIFUL!