New build. Sneak peek.

I've been at this slowly for awhile and far from finished. I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures that has me excited. This thing is going to be a monster.

man, i wish i had your lathe in my non existing garage…
am i allowed to take guesses? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy( ) !!! insert whatever’s bigger than a cow. What is it, a Shaqlight? In anyone else’s hand it would look like a caber. Just how tall are you? Are you going to change your handle to JGG (Jolly Green Giant)? Or maybe BMF? Can’t wait too see the beamshots. Don’t bother posting them, just tell me when to go outside and look at the moon, or Mars. Lol.

GOOSE BUMPS!!! INSTANTLY! MORE...!! MORE!!! I gotta build a big one now!

Thanks for the peek MRsDNF!!

So, you're going to take the Defiant head and pill sections and add a shorty body for a single 26650 (or larger Li-ion)? Are you going with a tail cap switch? (looks like it). Are you going to break down and start Anodizing, or are you going to copy the whole Defiant head and pill? Or, de-ano the Defiant and polish it, to match?

Looking forward to seeing the build photos.

Man I need a lathe, I could of had a 1236 but they keep jumping on price

PS: nice build

Nice!!! The Defiant get a stubby 26650 fix. I like it! Can’t wait to see the process and final product.

To happily answer all questions, yes, maybe, no, perhaps and to those that dont know what they are, firstly the Defiant 3C which if it wasn't for a friendly guy here I would not have and the king of cheap throwers the HD-2010. Gee's, its grown. If its 10 years old it must still have a fair bit of growth to go.

Now that’s a pair of beasts!
3x26650? Nice job!

Nearly. Two in the above shot. It possibly may take three now and another to reach adult hood.

He’s giving it a tube job.

Finished overall length 410mm. Shortest usable length 205mm. Now I just have to make it usable.

that looks much better than the ebay tube I found to fit

Hi gords. Thats a very nice battery tube. Did you do any current checks at the tailcap running a 26650 or 18650 compared to the C cells? Funny I've got a similar looking glass in front of me. Just a little fuller. Not chocolate beer is it? Cheers.

not yet, my meter has been drying out for a week, I suspect its going to need to go for calibration/repair tbh. The tube is copper coloured too, but for £8 delivered it would do the job.

That light, once sorted will be my new work light.

I’ll be keeping mine long, I have the driver relic used inbound (1 cell or 2 cell) and will be making a two 18650 sleeve for the standard tube then the light is either 3c or 2x18650.

You need a build thread for it. I think I saw it like this in another thread of yours. Your meter drying out after using the voltage setting to get a current reading? I've forgotten how many fuses I've put in my meters from forgetting to change the meter setting.

there wont be much to tell, swap driver, swap emitter for xm-l 4c. its staying long, that tube was just a trial since I’d bought the light, its a cheap solution for anyone wanting a 26650 shorty defiant 3c, personally, if I need a shorty thrower I have the zy-t08, the defiant will fill a different name niche in my collection, and for me, makes putting an xm-l in my maglite redundant, I now have other plans for that……

My Tektronix DMM912-916 meters warn you when the probes are in the wrong sockets for the measurement that you have selected. However, they don’t stop you from attempting the measurement if you ignore the warnings.

Proving once again that there’s no proof against stupidity. Oops, sorry Mr Moose.

Another sneak peek on the latest update. Sorry about the shot but for some reason this is how the camera took the picture.