New bunch of lights at DX, some XM-L some not

Some interesting and some new lights UltraFire 18WG-T60 CREE XM-LT6 2-Mode UltraFire AK-800-T60 CREE XM-T6 5-Mode UltraFire AK-800-T60 CREE XM-T6 2-Mode UltraFire C2-T60 CREE XM-LT6 5-Mode Black UltraFire C2-T60 CREE XM-LT6 5-Mode Gray UltraFire C2-T60 CREE XM-LT6 3-Mode Gray Small Sun ZY-S9 1-Mode 3W 80-Lumen White Convex Lens Small Sun ZY-A29 CREE Q3-WC 3-Mode 150-Lumen White Zoom Convex Lens Small Sun ZY-A25 CREE Q3-WC 3-Mode 180-Lumen White Convex Lens

What is your opinion about the big XML (2x18650)? And the last?

I think that drop-in module in is I put this module in my maglite .

It have wide flood beam and bad thermal design.

Trustfire X8 is much better. It can work on 1x18650/2x18650, have ss bezel, perfect beam and good clip. And its price is only 10usd higher.

When i first see this i think about a SS light and i say "wow, really good looking"! Then i read the description and i look the other picture.. Small Sun ZY-S9 1-Mode 3W 80-Lumen White Convex Lens

Bunch of referrals also :bigsmile: Man, you don't know how much I hate them J)

I like Small Sun ZY-S9 design. I think they should make CR123 version also.

Beats the original on price (by a factor of about 23 times)! and with 18650 support

But is beaten in every other respect...

I knew I had seen it before. Beautiful :love:

WOW! The "original" is really beautiful... except for the price...

I have that smallsun light and it's a piece of crap. 18650's don't fit either (too long).

Cheap C10 XM-L