New categories for 21700 lights

Hi everyone, 21700 lights are looking like the next big thing, so here are two categories to cover those topics:

Please let me know if any current threads should be moved there. (Thread OPs can move their own threads.)

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Yes, the 21700 category is definitely needed. Thank you, sb56637, for adding it. I will have to move my Sofirn C8F 21700 review there.


Thank you SB for this and for a lot of other things with the site. Much appreciated.

You can move my review of the Zebralight SC700D.

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Thank you for the new forum section.

I am looking for a single 21700 light with three or four reflectored emitters in somewhere about 45mm/1.75 inch head diameter, to yield about 7,000 brief burst lumens and a little bit more throw than TIR optics can yield.

I have searched the Sofirn and Astrolux and Convoy, etc websites, but not yet seen.

The flashlight you are looking for has not been designed yet. It would be a great one, though. :smiling_imp:

There are some single reflector 21700 flashlights or 3x18650 or 26650. You would need to build this kind of light by replacing a single reflector with a triple or quad and a spacer.

I'm very glad for this section to appear. 21700 lights sparked my interest for something new and improved, I wouldn't mind if they became more widespread soon.

hi, there is a bunch of mine ones that need to be moved here

Great idea SB! :smiley:

What about this?

That configuration is exactly what I am looking for! I would love to latch onto a few of those to make gifts of. My only question is in the area of durability. I will have to research NightWatch and see what the buzz looks like.

Thank you for locating that for me!