New charger "all in one" from SoShine (LCD Backlighted screen)

That’s no major problem for me.

My “Cheap Li-Ion Charger Boards” are only single bay , but I have four of them … I just use the number of chargers that I need … Usually only one or two , but that’s all I normally need at any one time. … I paid less than £5 for four boards , so they are not expensive.

My chargers all shut off almost completely (possibly a few micro-volts) when the LED changes colour … I don’t have the facility to check charge currents this low … I usually wait for about half an hour after the LED changes colour just to see that the cell volts drop slightly , then I take the cells out … To me , this slight drop in cell voltage (whilst still in the charger) suggests that the charge current is minimal.

My main worry would be if the Soshine CV stage of the Li-Ion charging process maintained a trickle charge after completion of the charge.

I will stick with my cheapies at the moment (Unless HKJ says they are dangerous) … I’m just waiting for his test to prove the cheapies either good or bad … I still like them though and as far as I can tell they seem better than some of those offered for sale on Ebay that seem to have a float voltage at the end of charge.

I’m using an xtar mp1 for my 18650’s(it takes forever to charge an empty cell), but have just ordered an sp2 for its 2 bays, and adjustable charging current.
I really like the idea of a display on the charger on the Soshine though.

Woo hoo! Looking forward to the review. :)


This looks promising. :bigsmile:

Looks interesting, looking forward HKJ’s review.

Eh, if only Sysmax could add capacity/cycling feature couple with different charging current selection in their i4 and still sold them for 20-30$, that would be awesome!

Unless HKJ has reviewed it already and got something to say, Im torn between this and cheapest hobby charger :smiley:
I only want it to be able to tell capacity of my Li batteries, thats all, nothing fancy.
Even though I understand that even cheapest hobby charger will give me much more bang for the buck and will charge LiFe batteries, at a cost of being slightly more complicated…

At least in paper, it should be a good charger…. but… of course…. in real life……… let´s wait until some reviews/comments/etc…

That´s my opinion…

I wonder why one 1 charging slot? It looks nice. I too will wait for HKJ’s review.

Yeah, I 100% aggree with you Fran!
I would, however, like to have some way to measure Li battery capacity once I receive them to see how good and close to their advertised capacity they are ;)!
So I will have to order this or hobby charger the same days I order my batteries :smiley:

The thing with those cheap Imax B6 clones is that they cost 18%, but dont come with power adapter, which costs another 10$, so its making 28$ total which is not what I need at the moment.
And Im not sure that I have enough space for hobby charger, its cabbles, caddies and power adapter!

If I decide to get myself LiFePo batteries, then Ill just order myself decent hobby charger and be done with it, at the moment it might not be worth the hassle to order hobby charger only to be able to tell capacity on single cell, I wont be using it to charge batteries, for that I have Sysmax i4.

So, I guess I just answered my own question - I have to order cheapest tool that lets me detect true capacity of Li batteries and that seems to be Soshine charger, no other :D!

I already made couple of offers on Ebay, lets see what sellers have on counter offers, I might order myself new charger today, yay :)!

Kind of a waste that it’s capped at 18650 support. Finally a charger the displays voltage and it can’t do 26650 :frowning:

A single bay charger seems ideal for the larger batteries, such as 26650. I wonder why they decided not to support this size.

Right on. My thoughts exactly.

I have the cheapies and one Sysmax on the way, but I've never had a problem with the cheapies. They just can't do nimH, right? I've given or sold my cheapies and am now looking forward to the new charger.

I do have something to say about it, but it will have to wait a few days more.

Will wait for HKJ comment.

…still waiting :P…

Fedex arrived, received my Soshine parcel, 3 chargers, 4 Li-ion batteries bought from Merry via

LCD Universal charger for Li-ion / Ni-Mh SC-S7
LCD Universal charger for Li-ion M20-LCD
LiFePo4 / Ni-Mh Smart charger SC-F7

My Soshine charger family

Soshine Li-ion 26650 Protected Battery 4200mA vs King Kong 4000mA 26650P

Kodak 1050mAh replacement battery
Nikon 1400mAh replacement battery

So far I just tested one of the 26650, which came with protection case end cap, both measured 3.9v & it is raised top.

Top it up with SP2, rest for 5 mins, discharged at 1A to 3V cutoff (iMax), gave me 4571mA which is pretty good.

EDIT : Second battery was not as good as the first one, but still got 4165mA.

Cell measurement L: 68mm D: 26.2mm

I also tried all three chargers, but I no expert, I just share my experience.

SC-F7 top up all my Coolook AA & AAA LiFePo nicely, while it also charged my Eneloop well, end temperature just barely warm.

Tested the Nikon & Kodak replacement battery, top it with M20-LCD, discharged at 0.5A to 3V cutoff, Nikon with 1535mA & Kodak 0.4A to 3V with 988mA

10 mins rested & charged with M20-LCD, the voltage slowly raise to 8.4V, it stays at 8.4V for quite some time, might be in CV state I think.

Anyway, it fully charged in 1hr56min / 1328mA (Nikon)

SC-S7, upon powered on, LCD shown blank battery shape & “Stby”

when battery inserted, it will auto detect & start to charge.

I top up one of my Sanyo Protected 2600mAh, after it shown “Full”, a quick measure only 4.14v, maybe due to USB 5V adapter ? I’ll try again with the included 12V / 1A power adapter.

Tried to top off another Li-ion, worn/old Fireworm 16340, LCD blinks “Poor Cell” (I know I know), 136mA pushed in anyway.

EDIT: I top up the same Sanyo Protected 2600mAh & NCR18650B 3400mAh using the included 12V / 1A power adapter

When its Full, quickly take out & measure the cell voltage was 4.19V for both of them :bigsmile:

So far been pretty satisfied with Soshine new line of chargers, but I’ll still wait for HKJ’s comment on them :smiley:

Wow, that 26650 sounds nice. Would like to see HKJ test it though. Where can these Soshine's be bought?


Hey Garry, I bought direct from Soshine, contact Merry via, helpful & fast reply.

My review is up now.

And I ordered a few days ago Nitecore i2 charger… :~
this looks much better

Wow! That was quick! Thanks!