New Charger

Time to play , so many batteries so little time ... hehehe , oh well , cycling now to test capacity ...

Pictured the new Powerex and the old Dinosaur Mezzo

What's the size? AAA only?

AA and AAA , Im just starting off testing my AAA's as I dont have so many of them ..

Cycling 2 @ 300mA and the other two @ 500mA , just want to check capacity ... As some are rather old .

Once I test my AAA's , I will move onto my AA's , as I think some of them are rubbish ..

Don't you just love that new charger smell? Laughing

Certainly better than the melting charger smell. ;)

Its rather slow cycling [ charge discharge and charge again ]

But I have sorted out my AAA's

Ultracell [ claimed 900mAh capacity ] Nimh

I have 4 of these :

1/ 657mAh

2/ 600mAh

3/ 662mAh

4/ 749mAh

So out of my Ultracells , only one is good , and the other 3 are more than usable

Duracell Nihm [ claimed capacity 800mAh ] I have 3 ..

1/ 766mAh

2/ 770mAh

3/ 780mAh

Well thats much better , and there over 2 years old ..

And I had one eveready nihm , but a lowly 460mAh

I will move onto the AA's shortly ...

Duracell NiMH's are great. Less than 2% difference between the high and low. If you have a charger that can measure capacities, it's hard not to really like Eneloops (or Duraloops). And they probably didn't have much more capcity than that when you got them. Mine always come in just below 800 like that.

Im going to see about sourcing a sample lot of AAA nimh cells for testing [ fleabay generic stuff ] .

you know the cheap ones flooding ebay .. Ive always wanted to test them and see if there all junk cells or not .. [ one would expect so ]

Im currently discharging some AA's [ Sony - Duracell - Eneloop - Kodac ] . I will discharge them , then charge them up , and discharge them again to test capacity ..

I hope to build a battery data base this year : [ I hope ] for capacity , discharge capability etc .

I will include AAA - AA - 10440 - 14500 - 16340 - 18650 [ anything I can get my hands on ] ... Again , I hope ... [ Very Ambitious ]

Sony Cycle Energy = 1851mAh

Kodak = 1919mAh

Eneloop = 2075mAh

Duracell = 2156mAh

Looks like your AA and AAA batteries are in good shape. Don't you just love the C9000?

Has anyone tried these yet ??

Seems Sanyo loves Europe more than america ..Maybe it's because we're all poor now .

These batteries aren't that expensive and the numbers look really good .has anyone bought these yet .?

Which ones were you linking to?

I've got a lot of the "old" Eneloops and they are good.

I have two packs of the coloured "new" ones - the price there is less than I paid for them from Holland. I've not yet exercised them much as I'm perfectly happy with the old ones.

Sure am starting to appreciate high tech ...

I don't know how sensible it sounds but I had quite a number of AAA and AA lights flying in the mail and I decided to give more attention to my NiMh batteries. I had an old does-what-it-does-and-no-idea-why-the-red-light-is-lit-for-two-days Sanyo charger and another 4 individual bay non-discharging Quick Charger but this time I wanted something better. I just today, ordered another one with discharge cycle and LCD (only bar display) locally available for $20. After my charger was shipped almost instantly I remembered this post and found this charger for $55 + $15 on EBay. I have old and new batteries, ordered a set of Eneloops and Duracell AAA's and want to treat them like they deserve. So, I guess you guys will recommend this charger more than any other, right? La Crosse (model 500) was way cheaper but it is 500mA fixed current and some melt down stories are told.

It was the early model 900? , the new 9009 is ? ok ? possibly ?

The 700 / 500 / not sure those models had an issue ? But they lack features . + with postage added were to close in price to the Powerex .

I got this one as it only seems to suffer from users who dont know how to use it . No actual melt downs or other real hardware issues that im aware of .

+ Its the first and possibly last AA - AAA charger Im buying for some time in this price range .

i finally put a LaCrosse BC-700 on order. have had the Maha in my AMazon cart for weeks now waiting to see if the 700 would reappear @ $30 + FS and it did in the last day or so. i'd of plunked down the extra $20 if i had to wait any longer since i have a couple lights on the way that need my AAA NiMhs. just in time.