New computer/internet connection

It appears that wherever I go in the world, the internet connection is faster than at home.

This thread has just confirmed it. :(

You guys have rather expensive internet in US and A!

I use Teksavvy cable internet here. 300gb/month $39.95

I think it gets a lower grade due to the slower upload, but as I am not hosting anything, I care not.

I have had nothing but trouble with DSL and would never recommend it to anyone unless you are in a new area with a proven fiber optic backbone nearby.

My DSL is now turned on and I've had the modem installed and running for a few days now and I've had no problems.

good to hear!

I must have had poor luck with the quality of the phone system where I live.

Try out OpenOffice for a free alternative to MS Office. It is great, and did I mention Free?

On a bad day I'm getting 20 mb/s down and some days 30 or 40. Up is usually 3-6. Pay $100 month for TV, land line (don't use it, don't even have a land line phone) and internet.


I haven't had cable in about 3 years and don't miss it. I do get broadcast TV and now have access to HULU. Land line is cancelled as of today.

60/50 mbps unlimited fiber $40/month but not much local content. Strange that US ISP rates are that high when I thought most traffic are going into US.

All in one package? Nowadays, you can ditch the land line and tv, most content can be streamed online. 20mbps on a bad day is still very good. We struggle to hit 8 mbps down on international traffic on a single stream from the US.

True. I do watch a lot of HULU. My wife however is old school so, the TV stays.

Also, at times like Sunday evening it'll go under 10.


In Japan they have 1gbps connections for around $50 a month. It's insane!

That's why you never see a Japanese on these forums, they're just too cool to spend their internet bandwidth on forums made of text!

I got the Magic Jack in the mail today. The name is cheesy and their website is ridiculous. It's basically a QVC type of site.

However, so far the product seems very good. It's a box about the size of a match box that plugs into a USB port and your existing phone plugs into the back of the Magic Jack.

I can now use the phone just as I did before. People can call in just as before as well. The voice quality seems the same to me as well. It even has voice mail and when someone calls in it sends a copy of the voice mail to your email address.

I plugged in a cordless phone so I don't even have to be at my computer to use it.

OOMA hooks in to you existing house wiring and powers all of you wall jacks. The pc doesn't need to be on to use it either.

The phone costs about $200 or so though doesn't it?

Just renewed with CenturyLink as my first years rate of $34.95/month was set to go up to $44.95/month.

I got them to keep it at $34.95/month for months 7-12 and $29.95 for months 1-6. The rate will increase from 7 mbps to 12 mbps (DSL).

I’m on my second year of using MagicJack as well.