New Concept H60 Eyevision healthy Headlamp

I would be interested in reviewing one of these for Light Painting Blog.

Mine arrived today, really love it!
180° very bright flood light!
It’s even my favorite headlamp atm and I own >30 pieces(of wich 4 acebeams) :stuck_out_tongue:
I wish it existed in desert color, it would be my ultimate dream headlamp :heart_eyes:

@Quadrupel: Yes, spot light is around 6500K

When its to floody you get illuminated nose tip, its quiet annoying :laughing:

Maybe if you’re pinocchio… :smiley:
But seriously, I didn’t had that problem at all with this one
What I find disturbing is the illuminated lens with headlamps like skilhunt(f version)and ylp panda 2