New Courui D-01 Trouble

Well I ordered a few Courui d01 flashlights and one of them will not function. It did work initially for about 10-15 seconds, then nothing. If I click the switch twice I can see the emitter turn white but it doesn’t put out any light. One more click and it turns back to yellow. I’m not a modder so any suggestions on where I could send for repair? Thanks. P.S. Maybe a good candidate for a custom build? This thing has a large head with 3× 18650.

I have heard of problems with a loose switch on the Courui. Try tightening it clockwise. They can work loose.

It was a bit loose. I tightened it up and tried it with and without the switch. No Luck. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll see about using it for a host. Maybe it’s a good candidate for a xhp or mt-g2 ?

Check the (+) battery pcb plate, make sure it pressed in. I have had the switch wires caught underneath this plate before too? They are only pressed in, I usually drill and tap for 2.5mm flat head screws or button head screws ( Head O.D. turned down to clear batteries) to secure it down to make positive contact! Good Luck!

I’ll shall try

Another common problem is the reflector base shorting out on the led wires, which usually results in one or both fets on the driver being damaged.