New Crelant 7G3CS edc at IOS

Just saw this new Crelant at Int’l Outdoor store :slight_smile:
I think it looks terrific. Whaddya think?

Page is 404(at the moment), but from a quick google, sounds like sorta what I want. Sorta…
here’s the working link

I’ve fixed the link :slight_smile:

I don’t understand this new trend to put xml’s in such small diameter lights. Massive hotspot is very inefficient and more of a special use case.

Does that light not look a bit long compared to the Sunwayman C20C

7G3CS 134mm x 25mm x 23mm

C20C 105mm (length) x 25mm (head diameter) x 24mm (tail diameter)

The forward switch and different reflectors can have a big difference in overall length.

.01 lumen on low. Can’t use it and have no for such a low low.

You complain when a low is not low enough and your complaining that a low is too low.

…That’s one lumen at .01 amp. 1 lumen is quite usable, unlike .01 lumen.

As others have stated, it is .01A, not .01 lumens. That should be a little over 1 lumen.

Yes, it does. But IMHO it’s a heckuva lot better looking than many of those side-switch lights out there that are just plain butt-ugly :stuck_out_tongue:
(Also, it’s within my budget as well… :slight_smile: )

Why not copy a good thing, and sell it for less ? There will be some trade-offs, size vs cost, I expect. Crelant plays conservative w/regulated low amps and keeping temps in check. Still, 134 mm is big for a 18650 tube light. I got the I-O EDC 18650 and it's 114.7mm x 24mm. I also got 18650 zoomies that are under 130mm.

The 7G3CS has a infinite variable switch whereas the C20C has modes.

Well…. I took delivery of my 7G3CS today. I love it!
The anodizing, the lettering, the fit/finish, the knurling etc. are first class.
I’ve got quite a few similar lights but I already think I like this one best. The blinky modes are there, but you never have to trigger them if you don’t want to.
The most similar light I own (same form-factor) is my Thrunite TN12 I guess…
I’ll take the Crelant over the Thrunite anytime. Besides its $30+ cheaper :bigsmile:
A BIG thank you to Hank over at IOS for his stellar customer service :smiley:

The 7G3 is a very nice light. I run mine 16340 cells and it really rocks. I use mine as a primary EDC and as a backup duty light.

Hi, sorry, i should have to open another thread, but i am new here, and i don’t know how to or if i could open a thread?
So i write my questions here:
As i said, i am new here and i am not very familiar with some words used on flashlight, could you help me and make some definitions?

  1. clicky
  2. floody
  3. beast
  4. twisty
  5. filter

I am currently want to make these words clear, maybe i will post more here if i got confused later.

Thanks in advance!

By the way, i love this 7G3, a nice EDC flashlight.