New EagleTac M3C4 Vs Crelant 7G5 For Throw

This is the one I have been waiting to see the outcome. The reigning supposedly king of XM-L throw for the money(Crelant 7G5) taking on the newcomer the EagleTac M3C4 with the new updated driver they have added to the M3C4 line. These are manual exposure with 1.4 sec shutter, f/4 and ISO 400 and taken at 350yds. You guys tell me which one you think is the winner. But before you make your final decision be sure and look at the overall picture and left front side of barn and the field before the barn as well as the wire between the 1st and 2nd pole. But I will say these are very close. We will do a mouseover for this one. Crelant 7G5 will be the mouseover.

the Eagtac seems to have a tighter hotspot. the hotspot is therefore more intense (see the wire). it should be a little throwier.

That’s what surpised me because up close on the wall at say 6 to 20ft the 7G5 has the tighter hotspot.

And yes I think the EagleTac wins. But here’s the kicker. If you look at the field below the first fence directly below the property of the house past the fence in the picture, I thought that the field behind the fence appeared to be brighter in the 7G5. So I am thinking 7G5 at this point for throw. But then I looked at the very left of the barn toward the front. There is a piece of the siding that if you look on the M3C4 picture that you can clearly distinguish that you can’t see in the 7G5 one. Then there is the very front of the barn directly around the side a little more to the left and you can see that it is more lit up on the M3C4. No question in my mind. Then the real kicker is how bright the wire is overhead between the 1st and 2nd poles.

The 7G5 has been defeated according ot my eyes and these pictures.

But again I want to hear what others think. Like I said, these are pretty close.

Looks the ETac wins. I cant see the wires you mention. The 2nd light pole further down left of dead center,
disappears as the 7G5 cannot illuminate it…

Is your ETac stock?

nice pics

Look at the very first pole to the right of the camera up close. Now up above the barn in the picture is 3 wires that lead to the 2nd pole towards the barn in the background. You can clearly see one which is the bottom wire and if you look really hard and have good eyes you will see the another one directly above it. Like I said there are 3 total.

And your correct.

That’s another point that puts the M3C4 as the winner.

This M3C4 I have has got to be 60,000 lux@1m or maybe a little more since I’m guessing the 7G5 I have was very close to the sample that selfbuilt tested at 58,000 lux@1m using 4 CR123A battteries in which I was, too. Remember this 7G5 I have is the 2nd one that was sent to me after the first one I had was sent back because it wasn’t up to par for brightness. But to even notice a difference with the human eye in these pictures would probably take close to about a 5000 lux difference.

And I will say that this new EagleTac is putting out at least 100 lumens more than what my Crelant 7G5 was. At about 6” from the wall comparing the 2, the M3C4 is quite a bit brighter. I told Rick I would say it would be very safe to say at least 100 lumens difference if not more.

My Eagletac M3C4 put out exactly 100 lumens more than my 7G5. 950 for the ET and 850 for the 7G5. The M3C4 also put out slightly more lux at 1 meter. 56800 for the ET and 56500 For the 7G5. We tested distance throwing useing our meter also and The ET showed higher than the 7G5 for the first 200yds. It wasn’t until the 300 yd mark that my Crelant took over. Even at 500 yds The Crelant was only .1 lux ahead of the Eagletac. Since you have the newest updated driver I can certainly believe your ET is your new single xm-l throw king. Congrats I love my M3C4. I posted the comparison between the my 2 below in case you are interested.

light lumens lux@1mtr 100yds 200yds 300yds 400yds @500yds
M3C4 950 56800 6.8 1.7 0.6 0.4 0.2
7G5 850 56500 5.6 1.6 0.7 0.4 0.3

As you can see they are very close all around. Of course there is the possibility of a slight margin of error since hitting the the spot on the meter at that distance was pretty difficult.

Thanks for the info and comments.

I’m guessing this M3C4 to be right around the 63,000 lux@1m mark.

Again I wanted to iterate what Christina at EagleTac has told me via email below in response to an email I sent to her.

Hi Brad,

I am glad you added M3C4 to your favorite light list.

The M3C4 we sent to you is the current version of M3C4. It is the same as the M3C4 we are selling now.


Customer Service Specialist

EagleTac sent me this new M3C4 head. It’s a long story and I won’t discuss it here. But all in all I am tickled.

I took my time looking the mouse out/over plenty of time, and honestly there’s a little doubt that grows in my mind: are you perfectly sure they are aimed exactly at same height/target?
I ask this because in my opinion if the 7g5 was lighting more the nearby ground due to larger hotspot and not just by lower aiming, then it should also enlight more the lower one of the power wires above the barn in the middle of the pic. But it looks like the wires are both darker with the 7G5 and both brighter with the M3c4, like if it was aimed a little higher than the Crelant.
Am I the only one to think this? :~

s: look also how the light moves up and down on the right tree branches


I took 3 photos of each flashlight and I picked the best one from each. The 7G5 got beat.

And look how the beam is clearly just brighter if you follow each on the M3C4. Even at 100yds the M3C4 with my eyes is clearly brighter shining at my neighbors pool.

Again this is a fair head to head comparison. It takes a heck of a flashlight to out throw the 7G5. It has long been my best single XM-L thrower. But not anymore.

I see what you are saying, RockSpider, and I agree completely. They are not aimed the same. One lights up more ground and less trees & wires and the other lights up less ground and more trees and wires.

I took sticky notes and blocked off my screen except for the barn itself. The barn is marginally brighter on mouseover and the foreground is brighter as well. Not a big difference, mind you, but the Crelant is still brighter than the EagleTac.

Well I disagree. But I see your point. I will take 2 more later this week. At 100yds the EagleTac wins with my eyes as well.

Crelant looks brighter to me too, agree it also looks slightly lower aimed.

Could you crop out all but the barn and mouse over?

You can clearly see that the front of the barn is more visible on the M3C4 than on the 7G5. Both beams are hitting the barn.

Not on my screen. The opposite. Block out everything on the screen except for the barn to avoid any distraction from the foreground.

Either way it’s too close to give a crap if you already have either one of them. Both are clearly top of the heap. :wink:

Well I agree with that. Both are very close. And I do now see what your saying about being aimed a little more down from the barn on the 7G5.

I’ll try to do better on the next 2 photos.

These are 110yds with same exact settings as above.

Crelant 7G5

EagleTac M3C4