New efest 38 amp 18650!

Anybody order from this site before? Are their cells legit?

Bad link oops :wink:

Sorry fellas , here’s the right site.

I hear they are a trusted seller over in the vape community.

They[] are legitimate. I ordered some Samsung 30Q’s from them.Now they have the LG-HG2 that I paid $1 more for @ Illumns.

I came across them about 3 weeks ago through a google search. The guy lives across the street from me! Warehouse is 2 miles away…too bad they do not have walk ins! I would have never thought L.ions would be selling that close to me,in a small town!

Another thing,look at their prices,with the exception of only a few batteries their prices beat illumns and Mt. Electronics,some by $1 plus! They are 10 months old and do not have the variety yet but certainly have 5 or 6 top brands.

as far as the 38A Efest,I have no opinion on those because I do not have any!

I understand Efest tends to exaggerate their amps.

This is NOT quotoing correctly! blueb8llz,

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I wouldn’t believe ANY 38A rating for an 18650. Legit ratings top off at around 30A.

No such thing as a 18650 with a legitimate continuous amp rating over 30 amps. Period. Never has been.