New egg flash deals.

New egg put some lights on their recent egg flash deal and with the prices and free shipping combined like a high school girl at a college party, i wanted to say no but just couldnt. So i ordered these.

Anyone had experience with either of these. A review will be incoming

The 2nd one is an sk68 clone. One of thousands of variations. Great little light when run on 14500, decent on AA. $6 is fair for 3mode, single modes usually go for $3-4 on a good sale.

1st one is a common ebay cheapie, not sure about the price.

The bottom of each page shows that these came from Banggood, a fairly well known and reputable vendor here. It's cheaper directly from Banggood.

Yeah, its worth it to me thought to be dealing with newegg directly and have their guarantees. The big light is gonna go in my truck for emergencies and the smaller one is going on my airsoft gun for when those pesky opponents just wont show themselves XD

Definitely, I actually haven’t heard of neweggflash before your post.

I’m guessing from newegg they’re in the US already? I’d pay a few extra dollars for USA stocked items.

Yeah, that is what happens most of the time. They may be about to get a new batch in or something so they get rid of their old ones quick by putting them on sale. They also just put popular products on sale. And yes im assuming they are already in the NE warehouses in the US as they said they would be here in 3-5 days and my other products from Banggood have taken weeks to arrive. The free shipping sealed the deal for me as well. The little lite is gonna look good on my M4 XD

For any of those wondering the lights do still ship from China sadly but the shipping is quicker. 5-10 days.

So in the future just order directly from Banggood. Sucks that you learned it this way. is one of those charming sites that let you sign up for an account, put stuff in your basket, tell you estimated shipping for overseas deliveries then won’t let you checkout and pay because your “parameters are invalid” because I don’t live in one of the States provided in the drop-down menu, won’t accept a post code or international phone number.