New eneloop batteries....October 2012... new XX now AA and AAA, and new Disney edition

See my Overview thread for more info.
here a thread about the latest addition to the Eneloop line-up for October 2012

First of all… there are new XX batteries out!
Now including AAA version

secondly, they have a new addition to the Disney line up as well.

see here:

They have a total of 20.000packs for sale
Like all other special 3rd generation batteries, they are only sold in Japan
AA only, not AAA

Thanks for the update. 900mAh for the AAA Eneloop Pro is a little disappointing. If you ratio out the 2450 of the AA to the 2000 of the regular eneloops, the AAA should be closer to 1000 mAh.

In a sense maybe… but thats the Minimum capacity, so I believe that some maybe even go up towards 1000.
We`ll see.
not sure when, or if, they will come to the US\EU market though.

Saw that they will have the 3rd generation eneloops overseas soon as well.

a year after they were available for the Japanese market.

Any improvements over the 2nd gen apart of the increased charge cycles?

Not much else, increased charge cycles, and higher claimed capacity after X years.
and dont forget the unique designs they have for the 3rd gen.

Very cool, thx for the post!

Lucky you ChibiM! Those new eneloops are very cool looking. Right now I have 140 eneloops (100 aa & 40 aaa) so do I need any more? Nope! Do I want more eneloops? Abso-freakin'-lutely!!!

> unique designs they have for the 3rd gen.
So I predict the Next Big Thing in Flashlights will be — transparent battery tubes.
So you can see what you’re using.