New extreme throwers (1 is pretty value for money, some not so budget)

1. Dereelight DBS aspheric. New EZ900 XR-E R2 1.5amps WD tint pill. usd79.8 shipped worldwide via registered. 90k cd, Saabluster (DEFT) captured 107k on his meter.



2. Lambda Lights

The XML Turbo I've been testing is only a 2D; the 3D will be ready soon :-)
I'm still testing/refining the XML Turbo so no set price yet.
The VaraPower Turbo numbers from the initial tests:
5700K SST-90
3D NiMh Cells - 7.01 Amps 88,100 lux@1M
4C NiMh Cells - 13.84 Amps 125,000 lux@1M
And with the dome lens removed on a 6500K SST-90:

4C NiMh Cells - 162,000 lux @ 12.05 Amps
More VPT details in the build thread on FNF at:
VPT has not been lumen measured yet, but BigC measured an earlier VP2K at 2100+ OTF.
And the XML Turbo thread I just added a new runtime for Tenergy LSD:
3. Elektrolumens ST-90
4 x 18650 - 160k cd

Hi 2100, thanks for posting these up !!

Where did you find the EZ900 DBS?


that DBS looks quite interesting! More info?

The EZ900 die 1.5A driven XR-E R2 pill just came out in Sep 2011....go for the WD tint which is pure white, the WH one is a bit greenish. I have the 1.5A XR-E R2 pill but EZ1000 die. EZ1000 is 1.0mm x 1.0mm whereas EZ900 is 0.9mm x 0.9mm.

Try to go for the multi-voltage drivers, ie 2 x 16340/18350 etc. Single level or 3-level is up to your preference. If you choose single cell capable driver, that means you have only about 5 mins of runtime at the highest level before the output very slowly tapers (Vf is higher for this vs the XM-L).

Email Alan of Dereelight.

I like the Dereelight DBS aspheric, for its lens, but the way they designed it not, how could a $79 zooming have such as bad zooming system?

It is as good or as bad as mag mods with asphercis, where you have to screw / unscrew the head to zoom inn and out, If it were a sliding system they would have a buyer here.

Mmm...the DBS aspheric is not designed to be a zooming "flood-to-throw" system. The DEFT/DEFT HO also, so was the Tiablo A9 aspheric...etc etc... It can be described as a fine focus system though, and they are pretty difficult to actually twist in real life.. The advantage is that you can use it in torrential rainstorms (plenty here), no issue. It is not exactly a budget light as well. These are specialised lights.

My Yezl XM-L push pull zoomie would never survive a torrential rainstorm, prob it could survive but it would be wet.

I could fit in a XM-L pill there (I got T6 3C, from the CL1H V4) and i think i got ard 50k cd.

What is the lens diameter of the DBS? Thanks.

If remember correctly, it is 52mm external bezel diamter. Will confirm tonight when i get home...

Edit - it is 55mm.

I sent you another pm. Thanks for posting these.

Why did they quit selling them. There is the DBS XR-E and then XP-G and then XM-L with reflectors and this was the only aspheric I think.

It gets confusing to follow :slight_smile:

How many lumens will that top flashlight put out approx running off of 2 18650's with the extender? And what would be the runtime approx on high setting? I love that beamshot.

I understand it has not been designed that way, but I do not like fixed aspheric lenses due to 80% of the time on most cases you do not need to throw a small square far away.

I understand it is something personal, but I feel most people who want a flashlight like this one would preffer it to be flood to throw, so the target market for it is quite small.

Maybe the problem is me, as I would love to have a big lens like this in a flood to throw format, as they are the flashlights I like most for their flexibility to adapt to many circumnstances, and the main problem on them is normally not very good lenses, or quite expensive prices and sizes such as the flydragon MS2010 which I believe is not a pure flood to trhow either.

By the way, a friend of mine tested the Yezl T9 (without batteries just in case) under water for a while and there was no water inside, it is not waterproof of course, but I think it can handle a heavy rain with no problem, I use it for fishing and never had any problem either.

Just one more thing about the one commented here, I feel an XR-E R2, cannot do this or the camera parameters were quite a bi tricky, with such a concentrated beam, do you think it can have such a big spill at the same time?

Most anyone who likes aspheric lens for throw is not using that same flashlight for anything else. They have other flashlights for that.

So even though they use flood 80% of the time 80% of the time they aren’t using this flashlight. If you want to spot something for instance the aspheric is perfect because side spill is not necessary or wanted.

It’s a specialty application for sure however.

Yeah, it might be more a thing of taste of each one, and I prefer non dedicated fixed lenses.

I also the aspheric ones for flood, they got a very clean spot with the same quantity of light on the whole area they are illuminating, the cons of these leneses are they loose more lumens than reflectors, but I can live with it as I really like their advantages when are well designed.

For my Yezl T9, definitely you cannot operate the zoom-flood function under rain, at least not frequently. Once the grease (exposed when you extend it for zooming) gets worn down by handling, definitely water will get in one way or another. The LED will survive probably, but probably not the driver. I had one driver in which it could not change modes, due to having excessive moisture inside. The thing will get hot and evaporate the water, and this leads to very much increased corrision. My Sky Ray 3800 suffered that fate, screws inside got rusted. There wasn't very much water, seriously.

Another issue would then be fogging of the lens internally.

As for the beamshot, yeah that is probably a reflector setup. The aspheric would have some "Cree" rings but the spill is basically non-existent.

Here's a vid of the DBS aspheric, TK70 and Guangzhou Sanmak SM5200 @ 98W ballast input power.

I don't think it's discontinued.....but i guess when it gets sold out, there will be the DBS-T version.

I guess it's approx 250 lumens OTF, not sure. Approx runtime with 2 x 18650 in high = very long. :) Ok, probably 3.8hrs with NCR18650s and the light would be able to operate continuously.

2100, I understand it is more a problem with humidity and warm weather you have, where condensation will be quite higher than here, more than water drops getting in the flashlight.

I like the video, it looks like it has a really tight beam.

Yeah....same with most coastal places in Taiwan, Thailand, parts of China, India, Indonesia etc... I think every year the rainfall is getting more and more due to global warming! (more heat, more moisture in the air.....learnt from Discovery Channel LOL!)

Yeah the beam is really tight. The EZ900 is going to be even tighter.

Gcbryan, it is 55mm external dimension for the head of the DBS V3 aspheric.

2100, do you know if the XR-E R2 option on the website shop is the setup you speak of? ie if I ordered with the drop down choice of xp-e r2 it would be the xp-e r2 z900 1.5amp?
I’m tempted to go for the dereelight dbs as my tiablo A9 (with collimator) has got me interested in this area.
I also have a fake A9 and it looks very easy to change the led so that could be another option.