New extreme throwers (1 is pretty value for money, some not so budget)

You have to email Alan of dereelight. Don't go through the website ordering...

Seriously with most stores like CNQG, int-outdoors, HKE, i don't go through the website ordering process. I PP direct and then email transaction code. And with that I ALWAYS get discounts. Don't even go through Ebay.

Just to be curious till the moment, do you know the price of the dereelight head, and if they sell the lens sepparately?

I am thinking about making a flood to throw from it, but it will not be in the short term.

For me the Dereelight DBS aspheric is a "budget" light. Get a HS-802 for 27 bucks and it does low 30k cd. This one is 79.8 and does 90k cd (don't know how Saabluster got 107k though). You also get a thicker body/tailcap, better threads/cutting, HA, no PWM as "FOC". Saabluster said he could get it past 200k cd, but won't be doing it as a commercial option. He mentioned that Alan/Dereelight is severely underselling his lights.

Dereelight usually ships the same day they get PP (esp before 12 noon), plus its from HK and my stuff usually gets here before 2 weeks.

And definitely not DX speed. LOL!

Next would be the Lambda XM-L turbo. I hope it would be below $150. LOL! It outthrows even the Olight SR90. I do not think any of the modders here can do direct LED to copper bonding. It's not easy to squeeze out the last drop.

I also went the easy way though, nearly 2,000k cd and usd150. But 7" diameter and heavy as hell (think it's 4kg)

The DBS aspheric fits the Fenix TK35 clone holster provided by CNQG (the same one as provided by the 90 bucks Ultrafire T-60). It is 99% EDC-able on a belt.

I'll try to do some shots/vids with the throwers, definitely in the pipeline.

The DBS aspheric with the new EZ900 1.5A pill will absolutely smoke the Solarforce Masterpiece Pro-1, in LED speak that is.

I tried it with the XM-L pill and got about 50k i believe, if not 40 plus K. So no it is not better. The beam would be a heck lot fatter though, so pretty useful for 50-200m distance.

At its main operating/usage distance of 300-400m range, no the beam is not that thin.

Nah....without aspheric lens it is just a normal flashlight....worse than the Masterpiece Pro 1. You can google for the lux figures, easily searchable.

$79.8 is shipped, registered, aspheric head.

What the....

It makes it more interesting to me now, I`ve got already the CNQG clone and before this post (even before buying it) I was wondering how to make a zooming from it like YEZL T9 but with twice the runtime.

I will check how easy would be to make it flood to throw as it is my idea about it.

2100, sorry for being a pain in that place under your back.

Would you let me know how clear is the die drawn on the wall, is it blurry on the edges?

Would you let me know the die size shown on the wall at 1 metre distance?

Would you check the focal length?

Thanks 2100.
I’d also be interested in the question above. Is it focused to throw the die shape? My Tiablo A9 and fake a9 both throw the die shape (with an o ring between aspheric head and body). I have it setup with perfect focus of the emmiter at about 7 metres.
Have you used an A9?

AutoTech, the o-rings around the die, might be due to the head design too, they do not always come from the lens itself, or they can come even from the pill if it is aluminium or other not painted bright metal.

I found it with one flashlight and other with same diameter, placing the same lens on both made reflections adding o-rings on the beam, and found it was due to the pill in that case.

In most cases the terms are probably being used interchangeably. Collimating is what aspherics (and reflectors) do. There are other types of optics and they collimate as well.

When I see “collimator lens” I generally think of the little lens directly over the emitter in a TIR optic.

Hi yavi, I think you've read my post wrong.

I was meaning an o ring physically between the head and body as a spacer to focus the light. I was not talking about beam pattern.

In that case sure I did read it wrong, sorry about that.

I love my new thrower…… >)

Orange milk?

Does that faceted reflector improve throw? Always had the impression that for throw you need to have a smooth reflector…Interesting.

Those 2 buttons are they like the the VB-16 one to ramp up the brightness and the other to ramp down? Just wondering

Yes, SMO will aways throw more than OP, etc. Textured reflector has better/smoother beam pattern. A good throw is achieved in this light because of the reflector size.

Top button is low 1,000 Lumens lower is High 2,200 lumens…

YouTube Video:

Nice. I’m looking forward to the night video. What is the diameter of the head and do you happen to know how many lux it puts out?

The lens is 94.73 exterior 95.03… SST normal Lux was 166,000 now it has been de-domed and pushing 202,000 Lux… Is running low amps Wayne is safe at 2.25 per cell… I’m going to push them to 11to 12 amps total…

YOu guys mised the topic, there is new topic about this light (with pics etc…), this is old topic.