New Fenix TK70 & Imedion LSD 9500mah D cells, now which charger should I use?

I have just bought a Fenix TK70 flashlight and with it I also bought 8 x 10,000 mah D cell Tenergy Premium batteries and 4 x Imedion 9500 mah LSD D cells.

I was looking at a few different chargers especially the MAHA C808M one.

I started pricing them on Amazon and other places until I looked in so many reviews on Amazon and it showed there were a lot of users of this charger having fires repeatedly or running really hot or just smelling of burnt plastic.

Some users had to get replacement chargers.

Yet other users had no problems at all.

Which leaves me pulling my hair out deciding on a good NIMH charger.

Have any of the folks on BLF had any MAHA C808M problems?

What is the best and most reliable NIMH Charger to look after my expensive battery investment?


I personally have the Tenergy V-9688 Super Universal LCD Battery Charger with USB Port. It was 34 bucks from amazon with free shipping. It has pretty good reviews, a LCD battery charge indicator (not precise but displays empty, 1/3rd, 2/3rds, full), and has worked great with my AccuEvolution LSD 10k.

Being a smart charger it actually fully charges the batteries instead of some crappy timer-based one.

The maha have good reputation but the Powerex MH-C808M was significantly more expensive and didn’t really have any better reviews or capabilities as far as I could see.

Plus people complained about it catching on fire like you said. This seemed bad. :slight_smile:

I use TENERGY TN190 advanced universal charger and it doing great

I have not looked at that one yet, thanks for the info!

I have the same Fenix TK70/ Imedion 9500s LSD D-cell combination like yours. I have tried my C9000 break-in feature on it by using outboard cradles. Also, I have tried my iCharger 106B+ hobby charger on it. I have considered the 808m also but instead eventually decided on the iCharger for it can charge all chemistry, also to complement my Pila IBC if I don’t want to experiment on charge/discharge rates, etc.

That hobby charger has to have a power supply as well as far as I know, how much is that on top?


That hobby charger has to have a power supply as well as far as I know, how much is that on top?


~$10 for basic 12V / 5A 60W PSU (that should be enough to charge 4 D’s in series at 5 amps).

I am being drawn to hobby chargers as well as a couple I have from 2 years ago.

I will look into that Hobby Charger and supply.


I am getting some good ideas here!!

I will check that stuff out on Monday at Vaggs hobby shop Miranda, NSW, Australia.

The DC power supply that I use is a Japanese-made Nippon Keidenki Works Dactron regulated DC true 15A, 13.8V power supply that I used during those VHF/UHF transceiver days.

I have had the Maha C808M for a few years now and have used it for hundreds of hours of charging with no problems at all. I love it. I just got through running all my NiMHs through the conditioning cycle. I had no problems conditioning 30 Ds and a bunch of AAs and AAAs.

I have many nimh chargers in a storage box and I got tired of digging out the one I needed for the specific job. I now charge all my NiMH batteries(aaa-D) with the C808M.

I keep the Maha out on a work table permanently along with the Xtar WP6 II connected to a power strip/surge protector. These two chargers take care of all my charging needs.

I also own a Turnigy Accucell-8150 Hobby charger that I like alot but I only use it for testing my batteries when needed.

I also have the TK70, awesome flashlight.

I have some older ones like a “Dick Smith” (an Oz Hobby/Electronics shop) 4 channel nicad/nimh switch on it.

The new batteries now deserve to be traated with more respect mainly because they are bloody expensive to replace.

I am sure the older dhargers were just timer based.

I am fast thinking MAHA C808M for sheer convenience and I am getting a T9688 Super Universal LCD Battery Charger in with the combo off Amazon.

I don’t know what this $30 charger will be like so I am looking around at alternatives just in case.

I put 4 x New D cell Duracells in the TK70 and it runs on high for all of two seconds, I am thinking too much voltage drop on those little critters maybe.

Cheers to you “fnsooner”