New Fenix TK76

Not what I was expecting it to be.
Has a alien look. LOL

Weird…. looking that is :8)

Looks like a club. Too ugly to pay what Fenix will be asking for it.

It looks nice, but I also get the feeling it’ll be expensive. Under the RC40 but over the TK75.
I dislike the use of 1st gen XML T6s though.

i just replied to it on that forum. Better stock up on Dylithium Crystals for that one.

A weird looking light in my opinion. :slight_smile:

True! I can imagine it now. Similar to this:

But replace them all with fixed aspherics dedicated to throw and have an MTG2 in the middle. That would look freaking cool. Although the hot spot would look a little weird.

Wow….Worst light ever?

Looks like 80's B Movie prop!

agree, this doesn't look attractive in any way..


Thats the ugliest light ever!

What's Fenix thinking? A total thumbs down IMO.

Looks futuristic, with all the buttons an deThe weird form.
If its below 30$ I will take one :bigsmile:


I like this idea, but the other way around. Small emitter like xpg2 in a big central reflector (or small aspheric depending on design of the light) Then big emitters with small reflectors or even mules around the outside.

Yep. Ugly, bulky, unwieldy, cheesy, and with a confusing UI. And it will be for sure overpriced. Looks like a “death ray,” some prop from a dippy sci-fi flick.

When will people (re)learn that less is more?!

I think they should issue a Wm. Shatner Edition with PWM of about 3 Hz, and a George Takei Edition with one pink emitter. A James Doohan version could have a small flask hidden in the extension tube….

I think I want it, the TK76 just needs a red led and it would be perfect

Oh I want a Flask flashlight too :slight_smile: