New Fenix TK76

Since the TK45 in the movie prometheus it seem they are trying to create a emblematic sci-fi flashlight for Hollywood.

it might look weird… but their concept is a cool one.
XM-L2 U2 for thrower and the XML-T6 for flood… you got both light in 1 price.
depending on the beam shot and the price i might consider it :slight_smile:
although i wonder what’s the other 2 holes for? why not fill them up with more LEDs? :smiley:

I'll reserve judgement until the light is actually released, but given the flop that was the RC40, expectations are low.

It also looks to be very poorly balanced, and it is quite fugly.

Were they high when they designed this?Or drunk when they decided to sell this?I’m thinking both! :Sp

It looks like a BattleStar Galactica fighter jet, I like it (maybe because I’m old and this looks Hip) if the price is right, ill try it

I like the direction, all purpose flashlight capable of producing different beam profiles for flood/throw etc. But for all the work put into this design, wouldn’t it have been a lot more practical and easier just to provide a flashlight with interchangeable optics and lenses? This would be fully customizable to user preference, and having this ability with a multi emitter light would also be an interesting idea.

Why none of the flashlight providers don’t do this is beyond me, and instead Fenix come up with this monstrosity. Duh

This light is trying to be a jack of all trades. I'm also somewhat stupefied that more companies don't offer modular optics. A head for nice even flood, a head for use as a candle, a head for throw, and a general default reflector.

No way to know how sales for the RC40 have been, but I expect they have been subpar, and I hope it sent a clear message to fenix... Don't use outdated emitters, and midrange battery packs.

Fenix has always liked to keep there heads sealed, interchangeable optics means we can get in and tinker :wink:

I’m still waiting for someone to come out with an attachable Double Aspheric tube for mega throw

What emitters will be used with this light?

No need for aspherics... I probably sound like a broken record, but just go with a laser ;)

I already have lasers, I wants a double aspheric :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :) Just saying, a laser has absolutely no trouble reaching a few miles out.

It looks like it is a joke, I had a bed side alarm radio in that design in the early eighties. It kept on going strong long after I decided it was ugly and out of time.

Alright, when can I buy it? I think I love it for exactly all the same reasons everyone here hates it. If it's Fenix I don't imagine it's going to be cheap.

To me it looks like the rear end of a spaceship.

Cheaper to go with a double aspheric then it is to have a white laser :wink:
Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

IR Laser + NVG... you get to light things up FAR away, and without every bothering anyone :p

I do expect we'll see some kind of a cheaper white laser solution within a few years though, which will make our current throwers obsolete.

Somebody feel his forehead. This one ain’t well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like some sort of Decepticon torch….

Night vision goggles aren’t cheap either :stuck_out_tongue: