New Fenix TK76

looks like a “futuristic sink plunger” to me ?

I am speechless, it should have been built-in quadaspherical to hit 1Mcd when needed.

Wowzers, there is no way that this is actually a Fenix light, is it?!?!? I guess it does look like a Fenix booth...

The center emitter doesn't look like an XM-L2 and I don't understand what the two open holes are for. The two optics on the bottom look different too.

Maybe we're jumping the gun a bit and this is not meant to be a tk75, but rather as an attachment to something else. With the two holes there for mounting.

It would explain the asymmetrical design.

The two separate optics... probably for different degrees of flood to provide more even light distribution up close.

I say it’s unique. Most flashlights I’ve seen here are the traditional rounded edges. I don’t know what those two mini-lights do on that “alien” flashlight.

The two open holes are for infra red laser and an IR sensor, its obviously a laser tag gun for night laser tag games. The two mini lights are a “shield” function: when they are on it increases the background IR signature, meaning your opponent has to get a clear straight shot to have enough power to register a hit. The large light is a “blaster”/main weapon of course, creating enough IR to power through the “shields”. I’m surprised that nobody understood this build’s purpose by now.

From information I gathered those two holes are for insert of 18650 batteries as backup and weapon. When body get very hot, those batteries will act like missiles. But user must buy xxxFire 18650 to make it work.

It just showed up, so feel free to ask away. Of course, I don’t have any 18650s at work, so I couldn’t power it up. It’s pretty cool looking in person. It weighs probably what you’d expect it to weigh, but it feels really solid and tough. The holes are clearly for heat dissipation.

Can't wait for some pictures, and a good description :D

Do you have a TK75 to compare against by any chance?

I'm very curious how well this light will throw. Clearly it's going to be a nicely spaced flooder for up close use.

I don’t, wanna send me one? LOL. My buddy has one. He’s going to take the TK76 on a cave dive next weekend. here’s some pics we took using a combination of a TK75, Zebra H600w (my main caving lamp when use LED) and a Justrite Streamlined Carbide Lamp (yes, you read that correctly). This wasn’t a dive.

Here’s some pics using a TK75 and a Zebra H602w.

And just with a TK75, Zebra H600w and H602w

I was not the photographer, my buddy was. I was a light source :slight_smile:

This is a cross post from the Electric Cavers group on Facebook (my primary use for light is underground).

Ok, I brought my 4 18650s to work so I could fire up the Fenix Tk76. My 1st (and only) negative comment is the battery holder looks like it would be easy to put the batteries in upside down in the holder. Although it looks like they’d make contact, I’m not sure what the net affect would be. I’ll attach some picture shortly. Like I said, this is my only negative comment.

Keep in mind, I’m at work, so haven’t taken it underground yet (or in total darkness). Of course, the 1st thing I did was press the turbo button. This brings all 3 LEDs onto their highest setting. Holy Bat-poop was that bright! 2900 lumins is a ton of light. I need to take it to TAG w/me so I can light up Mystery falls with it.

The two floods (on each side) do a really nice job of filling in the field around you. I’m estimate the left one is about 180 degrees and the right one is about 90 spread. Together, at full high, is an amazing spread of diffuse light.

The center light is entirely a different story. This is very focused. standing at one end of my floor and pointing it down the hallway, it was clearly visible at 150’ away in a dimly lit office. The beam at the end of 150’ was about the same width as the hallway, about 8’. It was bright enough at that distance for one of our admins to yell at me to cut it out.

I don’t have another lamp here to compare it with, but the color wasn’t as cold as I was expecting it to be. I’m very sensitive to lamp color as a (believe it or not) a pretty hard-core carbide caver. One of the floods appears to be a little warmer than the other two lights. It seems to me that it’s probably warmer than a sten or el spelio (but good luck mounting this to your helmet LOL).

If you wanted a light that could probably do it all for cave photography/video, I think this light is going to kick butt. Even thought it’s larger and heavier than we would normally carry, it would replace having to carry several lights. Also, each LED is seperately controllable thru 4 levels, so I’m not worried about washing all color and detail.

It looks pretty tough and is good for 2m of water for 30 mins. This will be tested next week on a cave dive/photography trip.

I’ll keep you guys posted as I use it for real

Very cool. All in all, I think the direction Fenix is taking is very interesting, but I suspect where this light will falter is in overall throw, with only that one center reflector. No way it's reaching past even 100kcd.

It’s rated for 450m @ 50800cd. This is way enough power for my uses.

Ahh, thanks for posting that.

The xml2 TK75 is rated at 126kcd. I suppose I'm a bit of a throw junkie. For practical purposes I stick to two lights, a zebralight h602w, and a modded eagletac tx25c2, which with a dedome, and current boost, is at about 45000cd.

In the world of throwers, that's not much though.

I also have a h602w, and a h600w, love them both. Great cave lamps. I know someone who uses a Fenix headlamp as a cave lamp too with great success.

I posted some pics here Electric Caving Lamps | Facebook

In English. Has been posted here.

NEW SCENE: Parking 4

New Fenix TK76 and TK51

Fenix TK76

Fenix TK51

Fenix TK22 Military GREEN Neutral White XM-L2 T6

Some good shots on that site. The 8s exposure is too long to get any good impressions of bean characteristics. The 2s shot however illustrates the TK76’s 130-60-38 degree beam spread angles of the three heads very well, and the difference in tint cas be seen as well. I think 2s shutter speed looks like it still does not simulate what you’re going to see with your eye, it would be nice if there were a couple more exposures added as well, say at 1s and 1/2s.

Also good to see a review (English is very good) of the new Spark headlamps with carbon fibre sheaths on the site. I’m tempted by the S5 after looking at that review.

Here’s my full review of the Fenix TK76, please ask away if you have any questions…