New flashlight-Sofirn SP33V3 or something other (<30$)?

[at the beginning sorry for mistakes, hope you will understand what I wanted let you know]
I’m using 2x Convoy S2+, one standard for daily use and one with 15*60* for bike from few years. I would like to go for higher level PORTABLE flashlight and I’m looking for something new, best in budget. I was thinking about XTP50.2 and SST40 but I think that the first one is more practice for my use (walking, camping, nothing special). After reading reviews and recommendations I found that the best choice could be Sofirn SP33 V3 with XTP50.2, Astrolux EC01 with XTP50.2 (can’t find on Aliexpress or Banggod this version) or Sofirn IF25A with 4x SST20. I found that Astrolux FT03 Mini looks also great but propably is not as portable as other two, looks bigger. Do you have other recommendations (maybe Convoy, Lumintop, Skillhunt or other Sofirn/Astrolux)? I found that there is problem with availability 5000k version of Sofirn so I would propably get 6500k if it’s good choice.
Main requirments: durable, waterproof, usb charging, portable.
Thanks for replies!

For outdoor/nature use I’d recommend a 4000k light. I’ve got a few 5000k lights but that’s sometimes just a bit too “white” to have a nice contrast between leaves for example.

By now I’ve got my fair share of Sofirn lights. It all started with the SP33V3 but I wanted it in 5000k, we’re now 3+ months later and I don’t think they’ll get them back any time soon. I got the SC31 Pro 5000k instead and I’m very happy with it! Tint is alright, maybe a bit green on lower outputs. I really like how compact it is (perfect EDC light (although I EDC the C01S actually), 21700 is I think a bit too bulky in my back pocket for example) and the very well-featured Anduril firmware with for example voltage checking! However the IF25A in 4000k sst20 would also be very nice I think! It’s on my wish list I suppose…

By now I’ve got a few BLF SP36’s (yes, every tint, first 5000k, then 2700k and 4000k is on it’s way because I think it’s the best light output/color temp trade off), C8G (great thrower) C8F LH351D 5000k (great “muggle-friendly” High-CRI light) and some Wurkkos lights too! Very happy with the price/performance of Sofirn and their included cells are pretty good too!

Good luck in your search!

Kup sobie po taniości S21b sst40. Na rower mam i w lesie w nocy wystarcza światła z jednej. Na 35% działa ponad 2h. Mam dwie ale razem to daje słup światła na wprost - nawet aż za dużo jak jest lekka mgiełka to tak jakby w samochodzie we mgle włączyć długie światła i próbuje znaleźć kolimator do jednej żeby działała jak Twoja z kolimatorem i by było idealnie, bo światła z jednej jest dużo i daleko świeci. Wyszła właśnie z diodą xhp50 nie mam ale chyba sobie kupię może warto przetestować.

The XHP50.2 6500K looks terrible in the otherwise nice SP33V3.0. I guess it is what people call the Cree rainbow. In no time I had replaced it with a 5000K SST-40, allthough it has a way smaller hotspot, making it less suitable for walking. But the light quality is significantly better.