New from Florida

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been lurking around here for about 3 months now, reading and learning so much.

A little about me… My name is Miles, if you couldn’t already guess. I’m an automotive technician by day, father of two by night and new found flashaholic by late night. I ran across BLF while looking for ways to breathe new life into a mini mag a friend had given me. Since my everyday work light is a streamlight stinger LED I knew there had to be a way I could harness a super bright led into the now seemingly ancient incan body. Well just like I get with modding cars, I was head first into modding this light. Thanks to Match’s 15 min minimag mod it now houses an XML p60 drop in, which unfortunately is extremely underdriven at only 1.4a (cheap FastTech drop in). Anyway, I decided to finally introduce myself as I now have about 6 different projects going that I would like to share once finished. Yes, I know. This hobby tends to get a little out of control lol.

Hi and welcome Miles. I’m looking forward to your future mods.

I hope you have fun here, Miles.!

Hi Miles, welcome to BLF! :beer:

Hello Hello welcome to BLF :party:

Welcome to the madness Miles. Lots of good info here to help you spend your money!

Welcome to the forum Miles!

Thanks for all the welcomes guys!

Welcome to BLF! Glad you finally joined!


Miles, all I can suggest is that you run.Now!Your wallet will never be the same if you don’t!Seriously though, welcome.There are a lot of mechanics here.-Rick

and Miles, watch out for this guy!He will have you looking like a raving lunatic at any HomeDepot store in your area(just teasin’ Garry….sort of :stuck_out_tongue: !)

Welcome to the family, Miles! Glad you came out of the shadows and went legit. :p

Welcome , fellow Floridian .

Hi Miles. Welcome to BLF. Please enjoy your stay here.

Oh Trust me I know. Between my children’s mothers, building my newly acquired 92 mustang coupe, tool bills and household bills, all the while doing this on my own, I’m surprised I have the spare change to scrape up to build these lights lol. Not to mention I’m doing this on 65% pay because I injured my back at work 8 weeks ago and have since been on workers comp. Times are tough but if I was to sit at home all day and not tinker with something I would go insane!

Hi miles welcome aboard, hope your back gets better soon :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy your time here.