New from SolarForce

Just saw these My XM-L U2 dropins drew a nice steady 2 amps off of three different 18650’s. I think I’ll order a one to test, but its getting harder to justify those buys to the wife.

Oh wow this is the first solar force branded drop in I’ve seen that actually looks good. 1 mode, 2.7-9V. Only thing they don’t specify is the current.

They have several similar XML2 dropins, I think all are newly listed... 1, 3, or 5 modes, and same 2.7-9v input. And all have off-time memory, which seems to work better almost always than the Nanjg versions' on-time memory. I'd love to get a box full of those bare drivers...

I despise the on-time memory limitation of Nanjg drivers. I’d use the 3-mode driver for an XP-E2/SinkPAD C8 thrower if it does ~2A with 2x18350. Wonder if FastTech could get these drivers.

2 amps is weak for an XP-E2 on sinkpad :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha true, true. The driver is cheap enough that it’d be worth resistor modding it to bump it up to a respectable level :bigsmile:
Plus with 2xLi-on it’ll be regulated in spite of the elevated Vf.

I received two single mode dropins today. One a single 18650 both do 1.90-1.92 amps. On two-18650’s I get 0.96 amp draw, and on two-CR123’s I’m getting 1.15 amps. They do what dropins do and the beam looks nice clean cool white without any funky colors mixed in.

I got a xm-l2 u2 3 mode it is definitely not 980lm more like 600+ but the good thing is high mode can be use for a long time with little heat it has a beautiful tint too.