New guy from North Dakota

Howdy members of BLF!

My name is Dan and I’ve been into flashlights for the past few years especially with being stationed in ND and having these long nights/winters.
I’ve been lurking for awhile now and this crowd seems pretty cool so I figured I would finally say hi.


Hi Dan! Welcome to BLF! You'll enjoy it here!

- Garry

Welcome Dan, this is a great place to hang around!

Lots of fun & knowledgeable people here! Prepare to spend money!! LMAo

Nevermind (I first posted how I figured you’re in the oil business)

I see you’re in the Air Force :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard and thank you for your service!

Hi Dan. I love the cold. Wish I were up your way.

I may come up that way at some point again. Been to Minnesota in 2002 and loved it. Heck, any place in that neck of the woods is great. And I guess having good torches is just as handy there as anywhere.

Welcome! It’s a cool crowd here.

Hi, Dan. Thanks for your service and welcome to BLF.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! It is my pleasure to serve.

Welcome to the family, Dan! Thank you for your service. ;)

Welcome to BLF, Dan!

You're going to love it here, capid1!

Welcome to the forum Dan. Keep the shiny side up.