New guy from Washington State

Thought it was time to register and say high. I live in the U.S. and live in Washington State.

I first visited this forum a while back while looking at batteries and chargers for routine use. Boy was that a mistake. Ended up being intrigued by the technology and options in current day lights. Now with a lighter wallet/bank account and looks of envy from my friends, my collection of lights continue to grow.

I enjoy reading and learning from members of groups like this and would like to give thanks to those who have contributed to my newest addiction.

Welcome aboard HighCaliber. Hope you have a good time here. :)

Welcome to BLF, I just recently decided to join too and bank account draining pretty quick lol

Hi and welcome HC. It sounds like you got sucked into this place the same way I did.

Thanks for the welcome.

The last few months, my place has been like a hub for UPS, FedEx and USPS. My neighbors are starting to give me funny looks. Each package is a new light show in my backyard.

Welcome to the jungle :smiley:

Take them into the mountains on a night hike instead, sometimes I wonder if people may think there are UFOs in the forests :wink: But then I realize, almost nobody even looks outside anymore, its perfectly fine :slight_smile:

You mean spell correctly?

HighCaliber is from a gaming tag many, many years ago. Play on words for “Top-Quality” + First Person Shooter. I used to be good before being a parent and not having the time to play.

Unfortunately, the new meaning for Washington State and legalization of marihuana does not apply for me. My work prevents me from partaking in the festivities; subject to random urinalysis and zero-tolerance policy.

Welcome to the club! !

It's a pleasure to know you, HighCaliber!