New guy, interesting question

OK this probably isnt as simple as im thinking but gonna ask in hopes that it is.

I have an e-station bc6 (ac/dc version) left over from my RC days. Comes in handy once in a while so held onto it.

Getting into night riding, got a light a couple years ago, sucks never really used it (so never went night riding except commuting), but pack is still good, stole cells outta it. Did the same to the KD2 I got with battery.

Set up series balance using smt 18650 holders (2 2x holders) and works good for these cells.

Herein lies the issue/question. Ive come to realize some primarily panasonic cells charge up to 4.35v instead of standard 4.2v. So trying to figure out how to “adapt” the set up to charge those at full capacity as well.

Is it possible and how? Really hate to buy a new charger when I got this thing.