*** NEW *** Haikelite MT09R Monster lights *** Update *** 2018-07-03

I particularly insisted in a precise table with output vs runtime

No surprise or false informations.

Let’s see the feedback

I wonder how either configuration throws compared to the MF-02 ?

MF02 throws like 500k ~ 600k cd I think. I was thinking maybe the XHP35 HI version of MT09R throws about 150k ~ 200k cd? Just a guess.

Thanks HIKARInoob

3 xhp 70.2, i was hoping for something more 15000lumen, maybe 18000lm

I feel like my eyes wouldn’t be able to even notice a difference between 15k vs 18k lumens

wouldnt 2 x 26650 batteries be better?

15000 lumens? and HaikeLite has always been a budget light (at least to me) Hope this one also has a great price!

Edit: I found their rating on the MT03 is 12,000 lumens. Isn’t it 9000? MT03

Appears similar to the original MT07. If so I wish they would have used 20700 batteries. The circumference would have minimal change but the length would give it a better balance, better grip as the tube is too short on the MT07 and longer run time.

Looking forward to an in depth review. Until then what would the experts guess the throw to be for each of the LED listed and the CRI range for the NW?

Finally, a lanyard loop. I’ve been using a screw in loop in the tripod hole, but having both is even better because I can do things like attach a Gopro to it, or like a true flashoholic, another flashlight.

The original was downgraded to 9k lumens afaik. Not sure on the new one. I think I was their first buyer, but I’m not doing that again until they have someone here verify its rating. Hopefully the MT09R can meet or exceed its rating.

I believe the MT03 II was upgraded to XHP70.2. Its max rating of 4300 lm is not much more than the 70’s 4000 lm. However, I have read that the .2 produces considerably less heat than the original. If so, it could be that HaikeLite felt comfortable driving the 70.2 closer to it’s max output.

I’m going to guess that this costs less than 20% more than the MT03 II. Same emitters, but 40mm longer. The driver cost may cost more up front, but can eliminate the need to develop drivers, and more importantly, should minimize the cost of dealing with defective drivers.

I really like the green one. Its a nice change! When will it be available to buy and what is the approximate cost. :slight_smile:

I like the Green one.

It should be ready before Christmas. Price is not known yet.

I don’t think the MF02 is the right light to compare it to. The Acebeam X65 has 5 XHP35-HI in small, deep reflectors. It does 12k lumen and 423kcd. If we divide that up to only 3 emitters and 7,500 lumen this light might be more in the 250kcd to 300 kcd range.

Wow. I like the green too :D

I think the white looks right.

Is it sand yellow already in the picture above?