New here! Not sure where to start. I have some questions.

Not sure exactly how to navagate this forum just yet as it has been a long time since ive used any forum at all.

Im looking at some olight models right now and im wondering if anyone can explain to me, how and why three different models which all share the exact same battery would have different run times on the “same” setting?

All three lights have a 300 lumen setting but different runtimes on the exact same 3.6v 21700 5000mah battery.

The Warrior X Pro does 300 for 8 hours.

The Seeker 2 Pro does 300 for 9.5 hours

And the Seeker 2 can do 300 for 13 hours…

Seems to me they should all have the same run time?

At least the two pro models should?

The M2R Warrior Pro also uses this battery and does 250 lumens for only 10 hours… You’d think it would have a longer runtime over the Seeker 2’s 300 for 13 hours…

Is there a logical reason for this im not understanding or is Olight screwing up somehow? or worse, screwing us?

Im starting to feel like Olight is focused more on form, fit and finish and making a supremely excellent physical item. But the actual function is secondary to that goal…

Also, maybe someone can point me in the right direction as to where I should actually be posting this inquiry?


I would guess it’s a combination of different LEDs and drivers that have different efficiencies, and possibly the specs just not being totally accurate.

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The LEDs in those lights are different which explains the difference

The Cree xhp35 is a 12V led where the Cree XPL is a 3V. The electrical characteristics to drive these LEDs cause different runtimes.
The seeker 2 uses 3 Osram LEDs which have different electrical characteristics which explains the difference

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As others have mentioned, a combination of different LEDs and different driver electronics are responsible for the different efficiencies.

In terms of what light to get and function vs form, I’d put beam shape (flood or throw) and light size first; you’re unlikely to notice 9.5hrs vs 10hrs runtime afterall.

In very simple terms the larger the actual surface area of the phosphor (yellow part) of the LEDs has a huge effect on efficiency. Generally with the same emitter a larger driver can be more efficient too, especially boost drivers like the M2R and Warrior X use. Also LEDs become less efficient the more power you pump into them.

This is part of why triples and quads are so popular, running 3 or 4 emitters each at a lower power will give greater efficiency over just one of the same emitter run harder to hit the same light output.