New idea? Feedback welcome

I have been thinking about a different type of light that would make advantageous use of the thermal conductivity of different alloys. As many know, copper has a high thermal conductivity and titanium alloys have a low level of thermal conductivity. I have an idea that harnesses both for the potential of creating an amazingly bright handheld light source (goal: 10k lumens). This light will use copper in areas necessary for cooling (emitter and battery enclosures) and titanium alloy as thermal break to isolate batteries from heat generated by emitters. My questios are is this: is copper in contact with titanium alloys susceptible to migration similar to copper aluminum contact? Also, what degree of degradzrion and thread galling might it cause? I could spend hours researching but thought it might be quicker to ask.

I’ll reply since you haven’t had any yet.

Is there much of a hear transfer to the batteries?

Aluminium is obviously lighter than titanium but the physical properties which make it superior wouldn’t make me decide to use it in a flashlight and it’s much more expensive.

But it would be an interesting project to design a flashlight head including the heatsink and reflector to optimise cooling.

The light I have in mind would have a copper head , heatsink, and tubes and a titanium thermal partition/side switch housing. In addition to reducing transfer of heat to the batteries it would also keep the switch cooler. Titanium alloys can take on colors when heated so it could also provide a contrast to the copper.