New!!! Jetbeam ddr30 ddr26 coming soon

finally some new Jetbeams worth looking at

Yet another 3 xm-l entry! Too many great, new lights!!

Quite a few top notch 3 emitters competing for our dollars. DDR30 is light. It would be good if it comes with a few more outputs between 500 to 2600 lumens. For now, TN30 (at promotional value) is still my light of choice considering it can put out 2580 lumens without step down after the turbo.

Digital display? If you need that to tell the difference between 500 lumen and 2500lumen, you’ve got issues.

No thanks, I’m not into gimmicks.

heres a new link they changed out put up to 3200 lumens!!

They both look really good :slight_smile:

DAMN that DDR30… another light I’ll “have” to buy! >)

$259.00 retail.

DAMN that DDR30… another light I will have to want to buy! LOL :money_mouth_face:

I’m not feeling that led display. I’m not against a display but don’t see the point. A battery indicator woukd be nice.

The digital display looks less awkward on the larger lights but it seems to be better specs as well with the u3 emitters.I'd like to see beamshots of the DDR30,looks like the same reflector which means same goofy beam pattern.