NEW Klarus RS80

I like it!! But like ersecu stated it will most likely not be wallet friendly like most Klarus lights. I do love my xt20 though.

Can anybody guess the bezel diameter? Three XT30s maybe…

The reflectors look different just because the top and bottom ones aren’t seen dead on in the photo. They are all facing directly forwards.

If you think about it though this is the best way to avoid an oval beam, there is only a few cm between them so at any real distance they will all match up together, imagine that few cm difference on the massive hotspot at 100 feet. If you angled the top and bottom at different angles you would get most of the light overshooting the middle one and end up with an oval beam once more than a few metres out.

no way maybe 3 like the xt20s 2


Something to use up left over RC battery packs?

Scary flashbacks of quickly diminishing light levels and expensive batteries. I think those lantern batteries were priced by the same folks that sell ink jet printer cartridges. :open_mouth:


Joke - sorry. Can’t resist :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty innovative design and at least represents new thinking.

Not everything has to be a round tube.

I kind of like it...

A klarus specific battery huh… :~

A disorganized haphazard of elements so bad that it begins to look good! start selling RS80, about USD300 after discount.