New LEDs - Beamshots. Lots of large pictures.

Took out a pile of older and recent lights and did some beamshots. I'd have done more, but it takes forever to upload them and it isn't a fast process taking the pictures. It's below freezing out there too. There was a lot of lunar light pollution since the moon was nearly full.

The lights involved were: Mr.Lite J4 with a reflector and XM-L mod (NiMH), Mr.Lite LT3 (XP-G R5), RQ Thrower (Q5), MRV Clone (Q5 or R2), KD XM-L dropin, Ultrafire XM-L dropin, Varapower 2000 (SST-90), Solarforce Skyline 1 (Q5 or R2), Solarforce 0.8-4.2V single mode R2 dropin, DX 18V R5 dropin, DX P7 dropin, MC-E M bin dropin.

So here we go.


Varapower 2000 - the most powerful light I have, measured at 1552 lumens. Full Power. It has 32 levels and runs on 4 C NiMH in a 3D Mag body

RQ thrower - the best thrower I have measured at 36,700 lux at 1 metre High. The hotspot is larger than it really is as I'm not capable of holding a light still for 4 seconds.

RQ Low

Lumapower MRV Clone High - a very nice light, nice balance of throw and spill. Its hotspot is much larger than that of the RQ, but appears similar in these pictures as the lights are hand-held and tend to move a little in the 4 second exposure.

MRV Clone Medium

MRV Clone Low

And another thrower, the Solarforce Skyline 1. Needs an LED and driver swap. It needs 6V (2xCR123) for best performance but can't handle the 8.4V from two RCR123. Performance is way down on an 18650.

Now some XM-L lights. The first is a Mr.Lite J4 modded with the reflector from a Trustfire TR-801 and an XM-L. There is something odd with the driver. It'll only work properly with an NiMH - it just strobes with a 14500. These shots done with a random NiMH that was lying on my desk. It was charged within the last week. It'd be a lot brighter on a 14500 but it doesn't want to work with one of those tonight. I think it needs a driver swap.

J4 High


KD XM-L dropin High

This is roughly twice the output of a good R5 and half the output of the Varapower on full power. P60 dropin

Ultrafire XM-L High (This one has a smooth reflector and throws a bit better than the OP reflector of the KD one). P60 dropin

KD XM-L Medium

Ultrafire XM-L Medium


Ultrafire XM-L Low

Now a couple of R5's

Mr.Lite LT3 Mode 1

Mr.Lite LT3 Mode 3

Mr.Lite LT3 Mode 4

Mr.Lite LT3 Mode 5

DX 18V R5 dropin High

DX 18V R5 dropin Medium

DX 18V R5 dropin Low

An R2 - Solarforce low voltage (0.8-4.2V) single mode R2, one of the better R2 dropins I have

My first P7 dropin - from DX High. This is about 270 lumens.

P7 Low

M bin MC-E dropin High - around 580 lumens

MC-E Medium

MC-E Low

Enjoy folks!

Very nice. Thanks, Don!

Can't wait to get home to a decent screen...

Wow, those XM-L's are veeery impressive!! Thanks for all of the shots Don!! This is just getting me a ton more excited for my first XM-L light to arrive!

Thanks for the marvelous photos (you should edit the title with picture heavy )

That RQ spear is a nice trower I have ordered one (Shen. wholes. )with an XM-L in it I hope it comes somewhat near.

This mod is on the cards for my one when my emitters arrive. They'v now left HK so hopefully soon.

I am curious about the result,

I have found it is pretty hard to tame the XM-L into a trower without a the help of an large/ deep reflector (more than a P7/MCE)

The RQ reflector is big enough to mix drinks in, about 40mm wide and 50mm deep. If it doesn't work well, I'll put the Q5/R2 back in it.

for the great beamshots.

But they are at least part responsible for making me order a Manafont drop-in looking for extra throw ....and then that line of thought made me order an Ultrafire C8 xml as well a day later.


Welcome to the bankruptcy club. Just like the other place but we get a lot more light (and lights) for our money.

Nice pictures!

Ever thought getting one of these: a flashlight stand? I't might be usefull for alot more things anyway. I will get one in future for my camera.

Modded with this:

What I'd like is one of these. Then I could use the centre bar to hold a lot of lights. What I'll probably end up getting is one of these - then a microphone adaptor to hold lights.

I've actually thought of putting up a pole at the back door to point the lights in the right direction.

Thanks for sharing, pictures are clear.

Ultrafire XM-L High, KD XM-L dropin High, Varapower 2000 is so powerful