New light recommendations

I haven’t got a new light in a few years and wondering what to add next. No specific use just like the latest and brightest :slight_smile:

I have Lumintop tool AA 2.0 for EDC, a Convoy S2, C8 for a thrower, and a Thrunite TN4A.

What are some new popular lights I can add to the collection?

Whatever you do try an Anduril UI light. D4V2 is a nice, bright light in a rather small package. Not a brand new release but a good value on an impressive little light.

FT03 is Anduril too and a good value on an inexpensive thrower.

Or maybe Noctigon route if you want one of the latest releases?

Geez there are lots of light to pick from…

If you want the ‘wow’ factor in a light I’ll second the Emisar D4V1, or the newer D4V2, but you’ll need 15A-20A cells.


Is there any specific you are looking after?

I own several lights, but i really appreciate lights which show that they’re well engineered, have a good UI and look good.

Personally i am thinking of a Reylight Ti pineapple, but the Emisar D4 is a very good choice.
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