New lights at DX, some "rare" ones

Again, new lights, some good, some not

Baseball stick?

EastwardYJ F21 CREE XM-L T5 3-Mode 900LM

EastwardYJ F10 CREE XM-L T5 3-Mode 900LM

EastwardYJ F09 CREE XP-G R5 3-Mode 300LM

EastwardYJ F03 CREE Q5 WC 230LM 2-Mode

EastwardYJ F13 CREE Q5 WC 230LM 2-Mode

There are more, but not very interesting...

I wander if the 2 mode lights use the junk triple click type switch and resistor for the modes?

It should be the easiest and cheapest way to do that.......... but I dont know

The looks and dimensions of the F21 remind me of the UniqueFire HS-802 (F21 even surpasses the latter in length by 0.5cm).

Could this be the XM-L successor to the mighty HS-802? From the close beamshots it's impossible to tell.

Has anyone tried that F21 yet? Who wants to be a guinea pig? (..or do I have to? ;))

HS-802 is a great thrower and a XM-L version of that could be a good performer as well..

The F13 looks interesting too. It looks like the F03 above it but with a longer more throwy head.

Both the F21 and F13 have deep reflectors relative to their size. Neither is especially wide.

Nope. Approximately its like this; Narrow, shallow and OP reflector = Spill Deep, wide and SMO reflector = Throw.

Except that deep isn't really about throw either. It's less spill for sure and a brighter corona but the brightest center isn't affected.

Baseball stick reviewed here. Enjoy. :)

I'm not sure its that simple although I agree as far as spill goes. A Dereelight DBS and RQ Spear have the same diameter reflectors as a C8 but are deeper and certainly throw much better than a C8. So depth must play a part in throw.