[New] Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti

This looks nice but would be better with some high CRI option. I might get one and put a 2700K SST-20 in it to see how it works.


Nice -- looking forward to updates and availability

So for longer run only AA is OK. Lion will dedome emitter due to heat. Maybe if used on low and med maybe it will last longer

Nice! Clicky switch, think I need one!

The driver will cause the emitter to dedome if run on high with 14500? That must be some serious hotness, too hot to handle even.

And here I thought a shelf was better for heat than a pill?

Wish there was a high CRI option.

Price point, any guesstimates? :slight_smile:

Their Ti Tool was a AAA.

It’s crazy that they included an illuminated tailcap. Back in September I needed a replacement Tool AA driver and was able to buy one through their customer service (Abbie). During our conversation, I showed Abbie a few of my Tool AA’s with illuminated tailcaps and she seemed impressed and said that she be keeping an eye on the threads here at BLF. Interesting (in a cool way!) :sunglasses:

I’m digging the looks of this… except for that golden clip. I can’t stand a mix of silver and gold. I just might have to see if I can strip the clip.

And since when Ti is used as a heatsink?

You guys if you think zo use it only as a shelfqueen then this is perfect but if you plan to USE it as the name say then you can get it easily B.fckd

I would prefer copper… :blush:

The gold clip looks stupid. I bet it has memory too, which was the reason I did not buy the Tool AA

i agree, not a fan of the clip. Black or even blue would be much nicer.

I wonder if it uses XPL-HD or XP-L2.

I’ve ordered a few Tool AA 2.0 (black, grey, white) from their AliExpress store recently (sale) and when I was testing each of them, I noticed that the black & white were slightly brighter (doing a ceiling bounce test), and the beam pattern seems slightly different (there are some visible “yellowish” artifacts). I compared with the Tool AA 2.0 grey, which is just slightly less bright but has a cleaner hotspot (on ceiling bounce).

Then I checked the LEDs installed on these new batch Tool AA 2.0. The black & white versions had XP-L2 LED (which causes the slight yellowish artifacts on the hotspot), whereas the grey was using XPL-HD, showing a cleaner hotspot.

If these come to be sold for a good price outside those FB groups I’d replace the led no matter what it would be using :stuck_out_tongue: This said, i find it strange they are using XP-L2. All the Tool lights i have were/are XPL-HD :neutral_face:

Wow, nice and small light!

Do you have a link to FB or where to find more info?

I don’t know if this link will work but here is the interest list:


Maybe some of the FB users around can get to LT and tell them to run a Group Buy here too? :innocent:
Please? :blush:

Sent them a message, let’s see if they reply