[New] Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Ti

And since when Ti is used as a heatsink?

You guys if you think zo use it only as a shelfqueen then this is perfect but if you plan to USE it as the name say then you can get it easily B.fckd

I would prefer copper… :blush:

The gold clip looks stupid. I bet it has memory too, which was the reason I did not buy the Tool AA

i agree, not a fan of the clip. Black or even blue would be much nicer.

I wonder if it uses XPL-HD or XP-L2.

I’ve ordered a few Tool AA 2.0 (black, grey, white) from their AliExpress store recently (sale) and when I was testing each of them, I noticed that the black & white were slightly brighter (doing a ceiling bounce test), and the beam pattern seems slightly different (there are some visible “yellowish” artifacts). I compared with the Tool AA 2.0 grey, which is just slightly less bright but has a cleaner hotspot (on ceiling bounce).

Then I checked the LEDs installed on these new batch Tool AA 2.0. The black & white versions had XP-L2 LED (which causes the slight yellowish artifacts on the hotspot), whereas the grey was using XPL-HD, showing a cleaner hotspot.

If these come to be sold for a good price outside those FB groups I’d replace the led no matter what it would be using :stuck_out_tongue: This said, i find it strange they are using XP-L2. All the Tool lights i have were/are XPL-HD :neutral_face:

Wow, nice and small light!

Do you have a link to FB or where to find more info?

I don’t know if this link will work but here is the interest list:


Maybe some of the FB users around can get to LT and tell them to run a Group Buy here too? :innocent:
Please? :blush:

Sent them a message, let’s see if they reply

Many thanks Yokiamy :wink:
Crossing fingers for it :smiley:

I thought that the Massdrop (aka Drop) Titanium AA was a tool made by Lumintop for them. Don’t they have a copper version currently for sale? Anyone?

I went to look it up and I didn’t see the copper, but I’m pretty sure they did the Lumintop Ti in blue not too long back. https://drop.com/everyday-carry/drops

The bad thing about Drop is that you have to be signed up to perv on their products. The cool thing is that you can vote on things you think you want to buy before they get listed. So lets say you are part of “outdoor” community. Anyone can list like 4 or 5 differing things which the community votes on the what they think is best, lets say down coats. They list a Marmot, a Patagonia and a couple of others give or take. Eventually you see what the numbers look like for the various coats. Drop lists the winner (maybe even a couple) as for sale and takes your money as a pre-order. The more users that order an item, the lower the cost is…they note what those numbers will be. So they may list a particular brand of down coat that the community considers the best for $150 if they get 20 people to pre-order it. If they only get 19 folks to buy it they refund your money and no sale. However if more than 25 but if less than 50 people sign up (which can often be a good deal) they’ll sell it for $150 but it will drop to $132 if more than 50 pay for it. (those are examples) They carry no inventory.

Edit: searched google saw a picture of a Ti AAA in blue offered by Drop earlier, maybe that’s what I was thinking.

Ma Bee :question:

Can they also make a copper version ?

I just got a reply from Lumintop, they are trying to get a deal done for the Ti 2.0 !

They are just waiting approval from the boss

Ok, sorry I might be mistaken, but is it an XP-G3 or XP-L2?

(in each set is a Tool AA 2.0 with XPL-HD, Nichia 219C — these 2 are from Tool AA 2.0 HM DIY kit; and the remaining one from a stand-alone Tool AA 2.0 recent batch)

Looks like it’s on their site now:

Just need a group buy. As expected, just a titanium shell with no other changes. Sigh. Still want it though. Bah.

I have two black Lumintop AA Tool lights. The titanium light looks amazing. I would be interested.
Thanks very much.