New maratac 18650 light

Ultra 18650 extreme


Because a name like that needs to be all-caps, with an exclamation mark.

This is a restyled Lumintop SDMini, isn’t it?

Either that or the nitecore MH23

Definitely SDMini, since lumintop manufactures maratac lights. I wonder if they changed anything internally…

I like it. I would have to try and unscrew the bezel for sure.

Edit. just watched the video. Now only thing I like about it is the clip.

No other info about the beastie? Tried goggling it, came up with Marantec garage-door openers(!), etc., but no lights.

Good call on the SDMini, lot closer to that than the Nitecores. Same head as that on the SDMini, vs those on the MH20/-23.

That said, unless it’d be significantly cheaper’n the ’20s, I’d stick with them, as I’ve gotten to really like the 2-stage switches, blink-the-voltage on power-up, other niceties. With the ’20s (regular and GT), I have instant access to 3 levels: press’n’hold halfway for moonlight, press’n’hold fully for turbo, simple click for last-used mode.

It sounded like the Marantec doesn’t have memory, but always starts on… medium(?) (don’t make me watch the video again). I’d be in withdrawals trying to use a single-stage button again.

But yeah, I’m loving the really small form-factor of this-sized 18650 light. Again, I’d love to know what realistic price it’d go for (list vs coupons/flashsales).

I think you’ve been typing in the wrong name. Its maratac not marentac lol

Ohh, I hate when googoo does that…

“Searching for XYZ, search for ZYX instead?”

And of course I end up with XYZ stuck in my head. }P

i like the maratac
i don’t like the lumintop
how come?

You think we can tell you why you like what you like? I don’t like either of them; long-press for off is obnoxious.