New member from London, getting a first 18650

Hi there,

I’ve been reading Forums as a non-member for a few weeks since I decided I would like an 18650 torch. I already carry a Thrunite Ti3. I decided to join since this seems a friendly site with a great deal of well informed members.

I’ve just ordered a BLF-A6 (from Banggood) and a Convoy S2+ black T6 4C, 7135x6 (from Simon at AliExpress), both with the 18350 tubes as extras for me to play with. I couldn’t decide which one to get so got both!

I’ve also just received an Xtar VC4 from Amazon. Now I need some 18650 batteries (and some 18350s). I’m in UK so may order from ECOLUXSHOP. I was thinking of getting a pair of protected Keeppower 3500mAh 18650s, and perhaps an unprotected 18350 (which I doubt I will use much —- just for playing with the short tubes, but I heard length on short tubes may be more critical with protected cells?). My general usage will be around the home in an urban environment (outskirts of London).

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Read the article here on li-ion safety 101, and don’t let battery voltage go below 2.5v. You should get warmer tinted lights, it helps cutting through that London fog, and welcome to the forum

Welcome to BLF from another city where it never gets dark!


You will fit right in here :frowning: , no hope left.

It took me 6 years of rebuilding junk before I obtained such nice flashlights, batteries and charger that you got now, you are getting good stuff :+1:

If you think you will enjoy good quality light you may get a D4 with Nichia 219C leds. Floody but nice! (choose Nichia option for the best tint).

Make yourself at home, alchemi!

(Now turn some Pb into Au!)

Very nice choices, welcome to BLF!

On impulse I ordered a second S2+ last night. Also went with x6 and 4c tint, cyan color for the body. :smiley:

Welcome to BLF! Buying two lights at once….great instincts!

Many recommend 30Q’s for the A6 to get brighter light longer Astrolux S1/Blf A6 - Highest Output Battery?

For 18350 these get good reviews

Once you’ve settled in, get a ThorFire C8s great intro thrower. It was my first :blush:

Welcome I'm also in London, near Crystal Palace.

I’m happy you consider the Thorfire C8s to be great, but let’s agree to disagree.
Anodisation and reflector of Simon’s C8’s are much better. You can choose between two models, the classic model and the new C8+. With several color options. With several options for emitter, driver and firmware.
Of course you can say: but no two Thorfire’s are the same. That’s just my point. Interior and exterior. It’s like a wheel of fortune. You know what you have ordered, but you don’t know what you are getting.

@alchemi: I almost forgot: welcome to BLF.

Many thanks to all for the welcome.

djozz, that EMISAR D4 looks awesome, and I might add it to my list for Santa! :slight_smile: But I’m kind of worried it’ll literally burn a hole in my pocket…

So for now, I’ll wait for the BLF A6 and Convoy S2+ to arrive, and play with them for a bit before I decide what I like.

Hi and welcome alchemi.

“Hello Guv’nor” from Australia
Welcome to the forum.

The BLF-A6 is an excellent choice.
I have 2, and I have just ordered another one for a friend as his first flashlight.
I only use Samsung 30Q batteries which are well priced and recommended by most people.

Well, I ordered some batteries from Ecoluxshop, UK. 2x Keeppower 18650 protected 3500mAh, and 2 x Keeppower 18350 unprotected 750mAh (they didn’t have KPs with greater capacity at the time, but may be getting some 1200mah in next week, but by then I had ordered these). Arrived Friday.

Still waiting for the BLF A6 and Convoy S2, so I started browsing BLF again, and read more about the Emisar D4. Now, even before the A6 and S2 arrive, I’ve ordered a D4 Nichia 219CT in grey with an extra 18350 tube and clip. :smiley: Looks like I need to get some Samsung 30Q 3000mAh for the D4…… and I only came here to get one flashlight… :person_facepalming:

Six weeks in I got around 20 with 5 more in transit. Do yourself a favour, get a Q8

Very familiar :wink: No way out now.

BLF A6 3D arrived today —- very nice. :) The Protected 18650 KeepPower cell is a snug fit — it’s not going to fall out of the tube, that’s for sure! The unprotected 18350 KeepPower are not so tight in the short body. The short tube makes it nicely pocketable. Tint seems a little green at low power, but hgher up it’s a nice clean white.

But even before the BLF A6 arrived I signed up for the FW3A! (I know, for that I will have to wait.)

Still also waiting on the Convoy S2+ (T6 4C, Biscotti) and the Emisar D4, and also a couple of Samsung 30Qs I ordered yesterday.

Note to self: stop buying stuff. :wink:

One more for a bit of throw - GT mini :wink:

After playing with the BLF A6, I do kind of want to try something with a very focused beam…. :money_mouth_face: :person_facepalming:

I’d also like to see if I can do anything to the A6 to spread out the beam more, less hot spot, wider more solid and even spill. But I should wait for the S2+, and see how that spreads.


Good choice.

Be sure to check out the D4S. It uses a 26650 though.

Oh dear. Repeat after me: “My name is alchemi. I am a flashaholic.”

Can you solder? A Convoy C8 with the driver board from a BLF A6 makes a good inexpensive thrower. The A6 driver also works well in the S2+ :slight_smile:

If you are willing to spend a little more, there is the Emisar D1S, the Convoy L6, and dozens of others.

The D1S is on sale at intl-outdoor :smiling_imp:

left to right Convoy S2+, S2, C8, L6

I cannot solder. :frowning: But I may try/learn because I would like to put the RampingIOS V3 on the D4. But I’ll wait and see how the V2 UI works out.

I’ve been looking at the GT mini vs the Emisar D1S or D1. But for a small thrower, I will wait until the D4 and Convoy S2+ come in, and I’ve played with them a bit to see what I like and don’t like.

The D4S does look nice, but it means another type of battery —- but then I already invested in the Xtar VC4 charger, and that should charge 26650s, so by getting something that needed 26650s I’d actually be using the VC4 more, making it better value for money, so I’d end up saving money! :student:

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments! :beer: :beer: :beer:

The D4 and 30Q arrived today. This is what I have so far :slight_smile:

I like the A6, in either long 18650 or short 18350 format. In short format it’s about the same size as 18650 Emisar D4. The D4 in 18350 feels a little small, and I prefer it in 18650 format.

After using the D4, now when I pick up the A6 I feel for a side switch! The D4 seems to have a nicer wider spread for me, but even in Nichia, I may want something warmer…. time will tell.

The D4 gets warm quickly, and steps down while the A6 stays high when I have them side by side on high…. so,… A6 kind of wins on this because the difference in high is not so great, and lasts longer on A6. And A6 spot and spread is white, while the D4 seems a little brown in spot when high and stepping down, with cooler white outside the spot — but I prefer the wider even spread of the D4.

What I’ve learnt from the first 5 minutes(!) of playing with them both together is that I like the side switch and spread of the D4, but the quick step down in annoying. Maybe I need Ramping 3 with a lower top level?

I also found I would like to try a wide even spread without a hot spot —- a “wall of light”.

Convoy S2+ is still to arrive, so I’ll see how that compares with these two when I get it.