New member here

Hi everybody,
today I am glad to join this community.

I am proud owner of a custom convoy S2+ (xp-e2 and 7135*4), but what I thought enough output, slowly became not so enough after seen some builds here.

In other words, I am curious to see how bright a hot rod is.

So here I am, looking for some good builds to learn from.

Welcome to BLF Diux. There’s plenty of hot rods going on around here. The FW3A seems to be the going thing right now.
So hang on to your wallet and have a look around.

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, Dlux!

The FW3A is very nice, but because it's so small, it overheats quickly on turbo.

I just use it on high, and it works great for my needs.

Welcome Dlux

Welcome aboard!

for hot rod i would suggest fireflies e07, 7*xpl-hi, over 7000 lumen in 21700(18650) form.

it also has cool ambient leds, great for photography

New member here too

Welcome here on BLF Dlux and MacLee, I hope that you like this place and that it inspires you to happily join us going down the drain of flashoholicism.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and all the suggestions, I’ll take a look on all of them.
Welcome you too MacLee.


Thanks a lot!

Welcome both! I think the emisar D4 is the nicest hotrod btw.

D4 also seems like a nice option, good suggestion, thanks!