New member in CT USA


I’m new here and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know that flashlight enthusiasts were a “thing” until I stumbled across this forum. It turns out I’ve been an enthusiast this whole time!

I actually came across this forum while I was doing research for an inexpensive everyday carry light and wanted information about all the cheap lights that are available on amazon.

A little about me: I’m 33 years old, active duty Navy Corpsman making a career transition from aviation to submarines. I’ve been pretty active on lots of other forums for guns, knives, knife making, motorcycles (and adventure riding), and camping. I’ve got a VERY strong outdoor skill-set that I try to put to good use a few times a year, especially primitive camp/survival skills.

Happy to join this community, looking forward to soaking up all the knowledge that is available here.


Oh! After my research, I’m probably about to pull the trigger on a Solarforce L2T, with a as-of-yet undecided module. But, I might just get a Solarforce L2 and build it from there…

Let me be the first to welcome you, I’m from CT also!

I was going to be the first fellow Connecticuter, Nutmegger, Connecticotian, Connecticutensian, Connecticutian, Connetian or Connecticutsensation (funny how none of those sound any good) to welcome you but I see dchomak beat me to it!

I’m actually just getting into adventure riding and really motorcycles in general, went on a partially successful trip up through MA, VT, NH, and ME last week.

My friends call me a Nutmegger. Those that know me best call me a Nut for short.

Welcome, Brent.

Sounds like you already drank the Kool-Aid, so there's no going back now.

There are lots of good drop-ins, but one of the newest ones is the XP-L HI. This won't be one of the high-end modules, but Kaidomain tends to have some pretty cool stuff worth owning. And the beauty of a drop-in is how easy they can be swapped out for something else. Why not be one of the first ones to try them out?

Mine should be arriving in about 5 days. This particular P60 will offer more beam range when compared to the smaller P60-style lights. I'm very excited!


Solarforce is a great place to start with the hobby. The L2n is my current favorite. Having said that, Solarforce’s modules aren’t quite as nice as their hosts.

I suggest purchasing your first module from The owner of the shop is highly regarded here, he does top-notch work, has different options to configure and GREAT prices. There are also a few members here that could custom make you a module for your solarforce.

I don’t what Nutmeg has do with Connecticut at all

Hello and welcome to the community!!!

Hello there!

Welcome ...

We have other lesser members from CT too . (the screening of members here is not very good.) :)

The solarforce L2t is a nice host and making your own drop in is easy as pie.

There are quite a few motorcycle guys on the forum/knife gun/camp guys too .although most of us carry 17 lights ,42 batteries ,6 headlights ,3 coleman lanterns ,6 knives ,2 hatchets,one axe and 3 guns when going camping . You're in good company .

Wow, so much love so quickly. Truth be told, I’m only in CT for a little while longer unless the “powers that be” decide that I’m staying here for another year. If everything goes my way, I’ll either be in Hawaii or in Washington State around November.

I haven’t done my due diligence regarding modules yet, but that’s actually the most exciting part of tinkering with these things is finding out what works best for you in a given situation. I never knew there were so many options.

Have a nice time here, brent8401!

Well Hawaii certainly sounds nicer than here or Washington in November! Soon you will realize as we all have you need an infinite number of lights for every possible situation and backup lights for those lights, there is no excuse too small to justify a new light!