New member incoming

New fella from New Zealand.
I own 7 torches; 2X Shooter, Q8, 3 C8’s, Stanley 3D LED (surprisingly good) and a wee VG-10.


Hello fellow kiwi

I review a fair few models on my YouTube channel and have my own store selling mostly the Convoy models for hunting.

Make yourself at home, Codec!

Do you like audio and video files?

Thanks peeps.
I’m an audio engineer, specialising in large file transfers between companies for radio and television advertising.


Good choice in your username, by the way.

I think your job involves plenty of compressing and decompressing of data.

Yes indeed.
It’s not as easy as it seems sending large files online. Physical copies are always couriered too, as 99% of the time it’s the hard copy that is used anyway. It’s just so much easier for the end customer to move around without the possibility of a corrupt file floating around in the virtual world.

I like the vg-10 way more than I thought I would .

Very good moon mode and the light always seemed brighter than you'd expect it to be .

welcome to BLF

Sounds like you need a keychain light and a headlamp

Thanks, Boaz.
Yeah in the years I’ve had it I reach for it quite often, especially out possum shooting - I have it in my pocket to find the freshly-dropped critters who have had the unfortunate displeasure of meeting the hot end of my .30 cal.
I must say, I have no practical use for a headlamp to be honest. Keychain on the the other hand…