new member saying hi - check out my collection so far since march

hello everyone, i have been lurking here since the beginning of march and i am also active on cpf and cpfmarket place

looking forward to getting to know everyone and continue learning about lights :)

my collection so far

nitecore tm-11 (newest version)

trustfire tr-j12 (running with 3x king kongs for epic run times)

dereelight dbs-t aspherical (pocket thrower)

jetbeam bc25 (first light!)

surefire 6p 18650 bored, 5a mcclicky tailcap, ss bezel with custom 4.2a ~1000lm xm-l drop in

eagle tac d25c running with rcr123 (head is currently being replaced due to flickering issue)

i had a zebralight sc600 but did not care for the greenish tint at low levels so i sold it

also have a dry 3x xml in the mail and some other cheap 3x aaa lights from deal extreme

case is an apecase which i got on sale on amazon (missing retail packaging, but new condition) for $50

started collecting in early to mid march of this year :)


Welcome to BLF, jmpaul. We always enjoy new members.

Nice collection. Pretty impressive for a newbie. :P

Edit: God, what is with me, I keep forgetting the Welcome.

Hi jmpaul, welcome to BLF.


Welcome to BLF. Looks like you sure have been spending some time at CPF.

Welcome and a nice collection :)

Welcome to the forums and nice collection you have there. Might have to resize the pic when you get a chance for dial up users.

Wow nice collection man!

Which one is your favorite so far?


I like the suitcase and the foam as well. Do they sell them somewhere?

Hi jmpaul, welcome to BLF. You have a nice collection.

Welcome.Great collections.I love the biggest one.

I won"t say it LOL. Welcome both of you.


Welcome to BLF.

Go ahead, say it!

Welcome to the playground boys :-)

Sure is a fast growing collection you have there. And in such a cool suitcase. Sweet setup!

Have fun here - I do ;-)

Hello and welcome to BLF! Very nice collection you have there.

Lol I already have a dry in the mail that’s going in there and a few aaa lights… Its an ape case and I need another one lol


Welcome to the BLF jmpaul320, it looks live you already have the addiction, LOL.