New multiple mode 1xAA zoom light - Yezl T1

Hmmm, anybody seen this one before? It looks quite similar to other zoom lights, but the price is quite reasonable (~$14 w/ shipping) and it has multiple modes. I am on a quest to find a multi-mode 1xAA zoom light. The only thing that worries me is that it seems a bit large... would it be an 18650 light mislabelled as 1xAA? And I hope it really does have modes, as described. What do you think? Should I pull the trigger on this one?

From the 2nd pic, it HAS to be 18650 or thats the hand of a 5 year old child. :)

I think you're right. I just measured a rather large zoomable 1xAA light I have, and this Yezl is far larger still.

That looks a heckuva lot like the one I got off eBay a couple of weeks ago. Same body style, same short zooming mechanism in the front. Multimode as well. Hasn't arrived yet, though.

It's just AA, I have a Small-Sun ZY-C85 that looks to be about the same dimensions (24mm diameter).

You can see in this shot that the walls are very thick around the battery -

The only interesting thing is the fact, it has three modes. Most AA/14500 zoomies are one mode only.

I think there's another interesting feature to this light - it's an immersible (IPX8) zoomie.

Sliding zoom lights are mostlikely not waterproof, because of the "pump" effect.

That's why I noted this feature as special. :)

(take a look at the product specifications, and there's also a picture of it fully immersed in water and still operational)

I'm guessing the thought is when you went to extend it the vacuum might suck some water past the ring. I would imagine the action would have to be quite tight to prevent this.

Yeah, 19 mm lenses wouldn't make sense for zoom to throw light I think :~ So instead of makin body smaller, they matched head with rest of the body. Clean design, nice light :) Reminds me Mr.Lite J4...

This Yezl looks good, I might also pull the trigger on it.

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I like FTT lights and I have many of them, but T11 is my prefered of all. It uses a 16340 and it has a very usable variable output (from a couple of lumens to full brightness). This is the only light that I ordered a second one as a spare.

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