New Nitecore HC35 21700 headlamp

Nitecore just announced the "HC35": , their first 21700 headlamp. With a large cell and a quad setup, it looks a lot like the PL47. Notably the Nitecore has a more stable driver and more pocket friendly shape, while the PL57 has more LED options and higher output on a full cell. What does everyone think of this?

Update: I've finished my review of the HC35 if you'd like to read it. In summary it performs well and has great runtimes thanks to the giant battery.

If you want to buy one, it's available to purchase on Amazon (affiliate link).

Very interesting. I like that it’s a quad and constant current. If bezel can be removed could be a good host for led swaps. 21700 battery is a little too big/heavy for headlamp use. Single clip looks like it’s not quite secure enough.

Micro USB and xp-g3 (probably) cw.
And it could be so wonderful…

Looks like the bezel is threaded. Should make emitter swaps doable.

I think it’s interesting as a high-efficiency + long-runtime headlamp with more emitter options than a XHP50.2

Not a fan of the switch on the end though. But YMMV

That light will go flying once the rope snags it …

I've updated the original post with my review of the HC35 and and added the Amazon listing (affiliate link).