New pic really tickled me so I had to share

Flaming skull and no photoshop involved except to crop to size. Looks really awesome in full res so click the pic to see it large. Who will be the first to guess what it is? :)

your hand with a light under it? :slight_smile:


LOL! Damn, that was quick! I guess it was pretty easy but it sure looks cool, no? There is a TR-J16 under it with 2500 lumens lighting my hand. :bigsmile:

with a sipik 68 the skull would have sparky eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny: 1 to 6000…. wow….! :hat:

And 6000 posts? What did i win? The light?..… The ring?

Gasp… The hand?!

well, you just hit the 1000’s soooooo…… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That looks awesome!!

That’s what i call creative photography!!!

Very nice and original, JM, well done!!!

Thanks, guys! The kind words are much appreciated. :)

Congrats on hitting 6000 johnny!!!

congrats on 6000 johnny! scaru here half the time and got you beat haha…

When you make the movie version you’ll have to call it “A Fistful of Lumens”.

It looks like E.T. covering his privates.

'Grats on the 6K posts - please don't pull a Lumatic on us now !!!

Congrats on 6k!

Should’ve cropped the pic at the center, would’ve been fun to guess that, but for this the thumb and fingers were a bit obvious. :slight_smile:

That was really great!

That last one snuck up on me. Thanks, guys!

Nice pic Johnny! I think I like the one in your avitar more though, the light in you ear is great.

You’re holding a red light inside.

Can’t be, Johnny’s blood is puke green… J)