New Player in town? Warsun lights..

does anybody own a Warsun lights?
This ” FX900”: looks like a decent thrower, plenty heatsinks :slight_smile:

how about this one too :slight_smile:


It’s a rebrand of the Ultrafire F10. At twice the cost. And laughably overrated. Even copper-sunk, no XM-L will even do half it’s rated output.

The A8 looks like it has a nice deep reflector, but what does it do for more than twice the cost of a Jacob A60?

wow… they just change the LED to XML2 U2 and tacked extra $20 on it? :expressionless:

Nope. Look at FastTech’s specs. Warsun didn’t even change the LED. They’re relying purely on the fact that to the average buyer these lights all look the same (and let’s be honest the kinda do).

If you look closer, it looks like the Warsun version has a direct thermal path. That is, no pill. One annoying thing is that the front tube section has anodized threads, but the rear section doesn't, so you can get lockout, but you'd do it with the tubes instead of the tailcap.

Their A8 has the same great pill design, maybe the same exact pill, but doesn't offer tailcap lockout at all.

The Warsun I really like is the ET26. Side clickie, anodized tailcap threads, direct thermal patch, 26650, and it costs less than either of these lights. It's been on my wish list for a while.

Here is a Goread 3 cell, looks alot alike:\_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

Wallbuys now has the CT9

whoaa… the price is not bad… must resist… already bought 21 lights this month :weary:

Ooh, I wonder if the extension tube is compatible with my CK36 clone.

Also, that store has cheap C8:

hi guys , i purchased a Warsun fx900 , and the led burned , i think was overheated , i dont have any knowledge on electronics can someone please tell me with what led i can replace it ?
thanks in advance for your help

You still have to solder, but this will work.

thanks for the reply leaftye , i will give it a try