New product-XENO ES1 V1-AA flashlight with min length and cheap price


How are you? I’m karol from XENO factory.

I bring a newest AA-style flashlight to you. Model No. is ES1 V1 which is made of Type III hard anodized Al-alloy and equipped popular Cree XP-G2 LED, WW, NW and CW optional, Warterproof to IPX 8, 1 meter.

XENO ES1 V1 designed as a high end AA flashlight.It inherits XENO’s quality&design advantage that comes with tip-top quality and elegent appearance as usual,but it’s very cheap, with cheap price at its class to insure clients as many as possible to get a premium torch with affordable price. And it features minimum 89mm length.It’s small enough to be packed&carry anywhere. U can believe that XENO ES1 V1 must be your exact choice as a reliable&long last illumination partner in your life.

Do not hesitate to buy them form our dealers! if u have interest to become XENO dealers, u can contact me at or

Model No.: XENO ES1 V1
LED: Cree XP-G2 LED, Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White optional
Material: Type III hard-anodized Al-alloy
Battery: Use one AA size battery-Ni-MH rechargeable or Alkaline (rated input:0.8V-3.0V)
Driver: 6-stage(3+3) Linear LED driver with hidden functional output
XENO CE2: new stainless steel detachable pocket clip
Size: 17.5mm*89mm(length), 27g
Warterproof to IPX 8, 1 meter
Package: Tin box

When i hear 140lumens AA light and cheap price, then i am thinking of 10-15$ light.

what about 14500 4.2v ? will it be a small rocket like e03 ?

The photos show 2 different length lights.
Is this the same light, with an extension tube to be able to use
2 X AA batteries?

What’s the price on these?

PChome listed price is the same as Olight s20.

Tabao Tmall price is about $38.

Dear Karol,

Please list a few dealers that have this new flashlight in stock in the U.S.A. I can not find anyone that carries this new model.

Hi Sir, 14500 isn’t workable on XENO ES1 V1, ES1 V1 rated input: DC0.8V –3.0V. Battery: Use one AA size battery-Ni-MH rechargeable or Alkaline
XENO E03, rated input: DC0.8~3.7V, Battery: Use one AA size battery-a dry cell,Alkaline,Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,14500 Li-ion,LiFePO4.

ES1 is not brighter than E03, but it comes with clip, higher-level crust material.
both are high quality, u can choose the one u prefer


It’s cheap at its class. a premium torch with affordable price, worthy for u to own. :slight_smile:

We release two models one time, they are both powered by AA battery, but ES1 powered by AA*1pcs, ES2 powered by AA*2pcs,ES2’s body is integrated

I have owned several Chinese-made brands like Zebra, Klarus, Olight, Lumintop, Supbeam, Sunwayman, Firefox, Roche, Shadow, Fenix, Nitecore, Xtar, Maxtoch and the Xeno.

So far, my Xeno G42 tops the list with the highest attention-to-detail grade in workmanship, the hands-down winner among them.

true as i said in the deleted post ,xeno is a great company that builds well designed and quality flashlights.

Thanks for your positive feedback. We emphasize on the quality design&quality material to details. Clients who have XENO torch at hand will know its class among these brands.

Thank u for your positive feedback, thank u for your support

Hi there 264. We just got these in stock yesterday!

Karol asked me to post in this thread. The ES1 and ES2 in Cool, Neutral and Warm White are in stock along with the diffuser wand TWSE.

We are based in the US, and are also offering free shipping as a way to kick start sales and get these fine little lights into peoples hands.

You can use the coupon code ESFREESHIP at I’ll be starting my own thread on these lights later on, and will be happy to answer questions, take more pictures etc.

Thank you Karol for the PM. Just ordered one ES1 1AA NW from EDCPlus. I will post a review of the flashlight in a few weeks. And thanks EDCplus for answering my email quickly. Everyone have a great day.

I’m probably looking right at it, but what does it have for output levels and run times?

I have always liked Xeno, but the med-lo-hi UI had never met my enthusiasm. I wish for a LO-MED-HI one.

Nice! A slimmed down AA almost as small as the D25A I have. I always thought the original E03 was too big for what it was. Even better the neutral option is carried over.