New project.... Finished

Here is my new project I just done, and I’m wondering what do u guys want to see it built into ?

It’s a mag D body cut down to take one 26650 battery, side clickey, and polished aluminum tail cap or a FIVEMEGA McClicky at the end

Thoughts comments are all welcome

PS: this project I had for a while for people wondering if I have a lathe, :frowning: I don’t lol


Or this style

I like the green one. XML2 on copper board ~6A? :P

XML2 >)……. i think i do have one on my copper sinkpad board, 6A is that possible with only one 26650 battery ?

7135, 2.8A driver with some added chips ?

Should be if its a decent cell. I toasted XMLs with a single 18650, so it should be possible. :D

Who needs drivers? ;)

Maybe its easier to use two boards, one master one slave instead of trying to build such huge towers.

MTG-2 and driver like Match used in his minimag. In this bad boy it would be incredible! BTW, I prefer the black body with this head.

On further consideration, Match used 2x14500 so the driver he used wouldn't work with a single 26650. Go with the XM-L2 @ 5A by using this driver to give you full ramping and excellent output.

That i can do as I have about a inch of or more space inside

MTG-2 would be great, I think ill build it as a XML till I order the MTG-2 and driver :slight_smile:

As for know I’m using a XML2 led on a copper sinkpad and a half inch copper sink
using a 7135 driver with few extra chips

Unless I misunderstood you, I didnt realize this driver has a ramping feature. :smiley: The specs show *Modes: High-Medium-Low (100–305%) … nothing about ramping unless you meant voltage and thermal protection.

Have you tried it or is there I review I can read about it?

And more importantly, do you know if it actually delivers 5A to the emitter? Ive been looking for a solid 17mm 5A 4.2V driver. I hope this is the one.

Read the red part and then click the link, it will bring you to a great review of the driver.

That guy measured 3.8A, so not too bad.

Thank you I found the link. that you mentioned. I think this is the first driver that Ive seen with ramping hidden within mode groups. Its well driven but id like to have seen 5A.


But its no boost driver, so you have to use good cells.

Thanks NightCrawler.

Strange that when I click the 5A 3-Mode 2.7-4.5V Circuit board review link, it takes me to the 4A 3-Mode 2.7-4.5V Circuit board review.

NightCrawl, no "er". :P

I guess thats because the driver is basically the same except for some parts that regulate current. Seems to be a nice driver but without a boost circuit its not as awesome as it could be. Good for XML though.

Thanks again NightCrawl-er :wink:

It’s done :slight_smile: it uses a 12x7135 with 3 modes strobe,high,low, led is a XML2 on a copper sinkpad and a chunk of copper powered by one 26650

Low mode

High about 20-25 yards away


Thanks, it was put together with scrap parts I had laying around, the only problem I have is the low mode flashes but high and strobe is perfect